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Last month, we had a day of filming with the crew from Showtime. The footage has not aired on TV yet- we will let you know when it does- but I think you might find the results most intriguing.
Pay attention.
It involves fear, blood, needles AND quivering loins. It will also give you an insight into anxiety and the cause and the remedy.

Pain before Pleasure...

First, we ventured into the Dentist's office with Bassil (our favorite Iraqi) and since he had a dental phobia, we sat him down and watched him get nervous. We took his heart rate and blood pressure.
I did my hypno best to make the sound of the drill become a trigger for lowering his heart rate and blood pressure. As they filmed, I made the drill whirl (have to admit it was kind of fun) and found it best to run the drill in his face to try and ignite his fears. While he heard the drill his Blood Pressure and heart rate went down instantly, in direct response to the drilling sound. Cool, huh? This was after a simple 15 minute hypnosis session.

Next we trotted off to the Doctors office. I hypnotized Roxanne and Michael to have a numb right hand. The doctor proceeded to stick needles through the skin of their hands as they remained unaffected and happy. They were not in trance during the poking, they were wide awake. It was interesting to watch them as the needle went into their hand and they were unfazed, not even a flinch. However, to really test this theory, I would like to see those needles go through the non-hypnotized hand. All in the interest of science of course. Even more interesting than the OBVIOUS pain they felt as the needle slowly pushed through the skin, was the reaction of the film crew and the rest of us in the room. When the numb hand was poked, all of us watching were just fine. When the normal hand (the non-hypnotized one) was poked, we all squirmed in discomfort at the impending pain. I can feel my heart beating faster just thinking about it!

For our grand finale, we went into a quiet room with two girls I had never met (and the entire film and sound crew) and proceeded to hypnotize them to experience those very delicate deep desires that would delight them deliriously. Delicious, don't you agree?

Now, I must tell you the reality - I have never hypnotized a girl to have a hypnotic or.gas.m (if I spell it, the spam filters will banish me). I have heard it can be done so I figured now is as good a time as any to make this happen. The pressure of camera crew, the lights and observers shouldn't create a problem for these girls...

So, the hypnotizing began. Their fantasies were ignited and we had the makings of a hypnotic org/as/m. Even more important than the obvious joy of the participants and camera crew was the importance of the power of the mind when it comes to getting our needs met.

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The state of our dirty little mind is obviously a powerful component of  se. x. ual response, and it is interesting to realize that we don't even really need ge.nit.als involved AT ALL to accomplish our, shall we say, goals! Stimulating concept, don't you agree?

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Now, let's get to the really important stuff.
If you think about how powerful the mind is at creating pleasure, you also know how powerful it can be in creating fear. Those who have experienced anxiety or panic know how disabling it can be and how it just runs your life.

The fear of having anxiety actually increases the expectation, and when the expectation is there, the mind seeks out the emotions it need to trigger the anxiety. Your mind looks for anything and everything to support the anxiety response.

In the same way that Bassil could sit in the dental chair and overcome his anxiety about the dentist - instantly- you can create an instant trigger for relaxing and releasing an anxiety.
The key is in the use of the trigger at the right time.
The subconscious mind has fear, and that fear triggers emotions that trigger the fight or flight response. Adrenaline is then released so you can run really fast. Your hear pounds, your legs shake, the blood leaves your head. You are now Hercules. This is a panic attack. The adrenaline will be gone in 3-4 minutes. If you feel consistent pressure and tightness it could be an anxiety attack. Panic is short lived and specific, anxiety is ongoing and constant.
The key to relieving anxiety is to get the brain to do something else.
Once you get the relaxation state anchored and set while in deep trance, then you can use the anchors when you feel the beginnings of anxiety. Repetition is also a huge factor in training the brain to react in a new way. Does it work?

Dear Wendi,

Your stress release CD worked wonders, I have not had anxiety since I had first started it (I have had anxiety for about 13 years) WOW what a difference a CD makes.
Thank you, Julia

You can do something about your anxiety right now. Take time to learn self hypnosis and get into a nice, comfy trance state. (in this case, deeper is better)

Next, begin to go through several memories that are pleasant, safe, comfortable and relaxing. Activate as many of the emotions, sights, smells and sensations as you can.

Set an anchor that includes a word or phrase, and a touch - like pressing your thumb and finger together, and a visual image that represents comfort.
Repetition is really important. Use this anchor frequently when you are NOT feeling anxiety, and access the deeply relaxed and safe state. Doing this repeatedly will teach your brain how to access the physiology of calm. If you don't teach your brain and body how to find this state, you can't expect it to go there when you're subconscious mind is thinking you should run from the sabertooth tiger. You must have this state firmly created and anchored.

When you are having a panic attack the brain has released adrenaline into the body and the anchor will have very little effect because the adrenaline has to run it's course. However, using the anchor will prevent further release of adrenaline and make you body get calm faster.

The best time to use the anchor is before the actual adrenaline hits. If you have effectively used and reinforced the trigger, it will have an effect on the state of your mind and body when you first feel the anxiety creeping up on you. If you have anxiety, use the anchor during the day, repeatedly, in response to the anxiety. Are any of you having anxiety just from reading this?
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Let there be peace on earth,


Blessings to Ronald Reagan on his journey.

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