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Watched an old comedy show a few days ago. Harry Anderson (from Night Court) was doing a magic trick that involved an invisible deck of cards and a very hypnotic suggestion. 

Don't ever take me to a magic show. I can see every trick and figure it out. I look where I am not supposed to look, and for some reason my brain just says DUH...That's how they did it. While it does take the fun out of it, I rather enjoy being inside of the magician's mind. Want a few of David Copperfield's secrets? I got em.

Harry gave this guy the invisible deck of cards and asked him to shuffle them and pick one. Then he told him to put the invisible deck back in the invisible box, handed it to him, and wouldn't ya know, Harry told him what card he picked. To unearth the secret behind this trick, it helps to be a hypnotist. Do you want to know how he did it?

We are very suggestible and for the most part we don't even realize that we are acting on suggestions that influence us in every aspect of our lives. Maybe you have an imaginary deck in your hand right now! How convenient is that! You could pick any card from your deck, there are all the suits, diamonds, clubs, spades and Hearts. But don't pick the Ace of Spades, because that would be TOO easy.

Shuffle them well.
If I was Harry, I would sing to kill time while you are shuffling, maybe something light, such as "Fairytales can come TRUE, it could happen to you, if you're young at HEEAAARRT."
Don't take TOO much time. Ready?

And you choose a card in your mind, and then he magically divines the answer.
2 of hearts!  You are amazed. How did he do that?
And you thought you had a mind of your own. Great trick. TOO easy!

Persuasion is easy once you know what to do. And the crazy thing is that you are being hypnotized all the time to do exactly what is asked of you. 
Pay attention to the world of influence that is right in front of your face.. Many of you already have this one, by now, rave about it, love to listen to it over and over. Like me, you want to know the secrets of being more persuasive. How will you act now that you know the secrets of persuasion? As you read will you get this method of covert influence? If you think quickly, the order of events just makes sense. The real magic that you need to have is in the way you own it. Now, isn't that right? 

Here are the persuasion phrases from that last paragraph.
You are being hypnotized.
Do exactly what is asked of you.
Pay attention.
Right in front of your face.
Buy Now.
Like me.
Act now
You get this
Quickly the order
Makes sense.
You own it.

And even though you know that I just revealed the sneaky little persuassion phrases, you probably can't wait to have this Power of Persuasion set for yourself. You can have it, AND if you do it now I will include our very sexy Remote Seduction CD, which has been said to have some seriously magical powers when it comes to getting the girls (and the boys).  It is yours, at no cost, if you use this coupon- MAKEMEDOIT.

Last week a lot of you got your Skin Deep CDs. Here is one very cool story from one of our customers who used it for three days.

Dear Wendi,
I have had problems with a rash or redness in my face going back two decades. dermatologist who was unable to diagnose the exact problem. He ended up giving some kind of cortisone cream that eventually got the redness to subside somewhat, but never completely. 

Over the last two months the redness has been reoccurring with more and more frequency. I have been at loss as to what to do.  It was with more than a little trepidation that I played the CD for the first time.  After the very first session there was a noticeable improvement in my skin tone! I am now on my fourth session in five days and the redness has almost completely gone away! Not only that, but an infected cut on my stomach that has refused to heal suddenly started clearing up with no warning!! 

You must have a sixth sense for this stuff I know you sure have answered one of my prayers (the rest are being addressed with some of your other programs!! J).  To those who say it is all in your mind I say "precisely"!!
The redness isn't reduced - it is GONE. I think my boss is getting a little worried about me because I keep going into the bathroom to check my face! I just can't believe it!! It is awesome!! This thing has "stalked" me for most of my adult life. You cannot imagine what an downer it has been (at times) to my social life (can we say "self esteem") and what a relief it is to have it gone! I still can't believe it!
Thanks- Chuck.

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 A duck, a dog, a drink, some tender lovin.

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Webinar Monday- Let go of the Past

Webinar! Come and see what fun we have.
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Monday 11:00 am and 6:00 pm Pacific time
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It's true. We all have stuff. And some of it we are not so proud of. The closet is pretty full for some. I am not talking old golf clubs and sweaters that your mom got you for Christmas. I am talking about that stuff that haunts you, taunts you, comes back and makes your squirm.
If you want to experience a really easy technique to blow the bad memories out of the water, come my way on Monday.
It will be fun. We laugh, we cry, we share. It is a special time for all.
And there are prizes! If you pay attention you will be rewarded.
For instructions, go here.
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Look in the mirror, now sleep

Self hypnosis is kind of like that. You do it to yourself. No annoying therapy bills, no visits to Kreskin, no need to even think. Once you learn, the world is your oyster. Not that anyone should ever eat those things anyway.
Here is a big easy fun way to hypnotize yourself.
Hold your hand up in front of your face.
Look at the back of your hand.
Breathe slowly.
Tell yourself that the more you stare at your hand, the more heavy your eyes become.
Now, repeat that about 10 times.
Tell yourself that your arm will now get heavy, loose and limp with every breath you breathe.
In a moment it will fall to your lap. When it does, you will go into a deep state of trance. Your eyes will close and your mind will open.
Just like magic, your very limp hand falls to your lap, your eyes slam shut and you are ready.
Give yourself a simple suggestion... something clever like, um... I will go to the website and buy a new DVD... I can't resist.
Now open your eyes and repeat this process several times. if you do it repeatedly, you will experience FRACTIONATION. You will go deeper each time you emerge. It can be really trippy! Give it a try.
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Peace on Earth!


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