It wasn't so much the fact that the fish was missing when I came home tonight, it was more the squishy feeling between my toes when I found him on the kitchen floor a little later.


I have to admit she has some redeeming qualities. She located the cause of the printer problem.

Paper Jam.

Of course there was a witness to the missing fish incident. Kitty made sure that the dog wouldn't squeal with well placed threat.


While I don't think that the statement was referring to the big O, this article about women's special moment made me laugh till I cried. When I read it, I couldn't help but imagine what it must have been like to be the researchers who were collecting data.
SOCKS! We need SOCKS! Who would have thought that you could hook people's brains up to electrodes, ask them to have 5EX (all in the name of research) right in front of you and then realize that they reason he can't focus up is because he needs socks.
Now, call me crazy, but I am not sure that is what he meant when he said he had cold feet.

OK, so here's the deal. They want to study the female brain during 0RGA5M (clever spelling to avoid spam filters) to see if they can really tell if she is faking it.
And, even better, who put up the money?

Turns out, the brain does a complicated maneuver during the O, and goes unconscious for a moment. How about that.
I guess the good news is that you guys can finally know if she is faking it. The brain uses and entirely different set of, shall we say, skills... to win the oscar for best acting job in a supporting role. (are we done yet?)

It has been my pleasure to do some research in this department myself. Being female, I could have told you that the brain does something very different during a real O. Duh.

My friend Devin, actually knows the answer. He says. "How do you know if a woman had an O?"
"Who cares"
It is really funny when he says it. And he laughs really hard just before he gets slugged.

So, imagine yourself in this room with your volunteers and all these wires coming out of their heads and you instruct them to get it on. Now you are ready to read the article.

What does all of this have to do with hypnosis you ask?
So glad you asked.
Turns out, that quite a lot of wimmen folk have trouble letting go at just the right moment. Causes quite a bit of anxiety for most. The more they think about it, try to let it happen, and want it to happen, the further they are from it. Different part of the brain. Researchers sacrificed to prove this. I have a solution to this problem. For those of you who would like to relax and enjoy 5ex more, all it takes is a shift of consciousness. Hypnotically speaking, an easy fix.

You will need to set an anchor when you are by yourself. Soft music will help.
Imagine yourself in the stages of arousal.
In each level of sensation, assign a few triggers in your mind.
Let's number each level 1-5. Remember, for this process you are only IMAGINING the throes of pleasure.
Imagine you are at level one. Surround yourself with a color. Hear a sound that will represent level one.
Imagine yourself at level two of arousal and find a color that represents that level. Hear a sound that represents the heightened sensations.
Continue to do this as you imagine level 3, 4, and 5. Of course you want to imagine that at level 5 you are at the point of no return, shall we say, and you cannot stop yourself.

The purpose of this, is to set triggers that involve your senses so that your brain stops trying and slips into the letting go mode. This is a very common problem for women. Often the anxiety just leads to faking it, because they have spent too much effort on trying, when all they really needed were socks.
I have talked with many women about this in my office. The solution is not difficult, and well worth doing. If you don't think you can do the process on your own, well, I have a CD for that.
There are two sessions, the Ultimate O, and Illuminate Your Body which will make your body a frikken temple of pleasure.
Now, as a special bonus, you should probably have the new Errogenous Zones and Magic Touch session which is a great couples experience. And if that is not enough, you might want to read the Hypnotize Your Lover book and CD and learn the down and dirty secrets of hypnotic pleasure.
The special- Get these 4 sessions and the book. A 146.00 value. For your listening pleasure, only 89.00.
Add the DVD, BIG O, and get the whole package for only 99.00.

Ok, some of you invested extraordinary amounts of time finding the clues on the videos last week. Excellent job. I can't believe some of you actually found the rubber ducky!
I will extend the contest one more week. Go here to play our Day At The Office contest.
Unfortunately, Elvis really did leave the building. Adam, aka Elvis, moved to Oregon to be with his son who has Leukemia. Our hearts go with him. We will miss him. Every office needs an Elvis. 

I will be on the radio, good buddy, so send the word to your convoy and tune in to Midnight Truckers Radio on Thursday Night at 10 pm in Shaky town, which is 12 pm in Bright Lights and 1 am in Queen City (hope I did that right).  If you truckers know what's good for you, you will listen very closely. I'll do my best to hypnotically enhance your drive. 10-4.
My truckin lingo could use a little help, huh?

Yes, it is true. There was no evening webinar last Monday. I was attending the Boom Boom Huck Jam, and had to bail out of the evening one. If you would like to listen to the morning webinar for Letting go of the Past, go here. This link will only be up for a few days.
This Monday! 2 Live Webinars.
11 am and 6 pm, pacific time.
Go here for instructions.
TOPIC- Mystery topic! I am not telling you what I am going to do. But you may find that you really want to come. You will all be sworn to secrecy to not divulge one word of the webinar to another living soul.

Peace on Earth,


P.S. Have any of you used the TAO OF DOW yet? Any interesting results? Please email and let me know!

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