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Bass Ackwards

Our minds can comprehend much more than we think. But since you are here, you probably already knew that. I received an interesting e-mail that makes me wonder just how smart we really are. A man who listened to our Golf Hypnosis CD decided to get creative and make the CD play backwards. Doing that to a CD is no small feat, I imagine.

The really weird part is that he actually got much better results when playing the hypnosis session backwards. His game just kept getting better and better. I have heard about backwards speech, and the secret messages that are supposedly revealed, but I have never heard of using it for hypnosis purposes.

Of course, a discovery of this magnitude will not go unnoticed around here.

If we can achieve more unconscious comprehension when listening backwards,  this theory should be tested immediately. The results could be simply a placebo (expectation) or, if indeed the brain is actually perceiving and acting upon these backwards suggestions, we will find out.
If this works, it would mean that the subconscious mind is able to understand the words and concepts regardless of the order and is actually recognizing the meaning of the word even when reversed.
My brain feels like it may explode, just thinking about the magnitude of this.

What is an impressionable mind to do? Get on board! All you malleable little minds, sign up here!

If you would like to participate in my little experiment (insert evil laugh here) just put this code in with your next order:* BACKWARD
I will send you FREE a backwards hypnosis CD. The important word being FREE.
After you listen to it you will need to e-mail us and tell us what you think you feel after the session.
The CD will include  a questionnaire to complete. It will probe deeply into your dark (and for some of you, frightening) mind.
Short, sweet and se/xy. And we just might discover something new... or nothing at all.

The CD you receive in backward speech will use regular speech (forward) for the induction, and the suggestions will be backward.
When you're done, e-mail the answers about how you feel or what you are thinking. We will probe until there is nothing left to probe.
*Order anything from us, and use the code. The backward mystery CD will be included at no charge. Don't let that long legal disclaimer frighten you. It's just a bunch of words. Your backward CD will not make you do anything you would not normally do. And again, for some of you that is quite scary. When you wake up in the bank naked, do not be looking for me. I will be the one that is invisible.

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If you believe what the pharmaceutical companies are telling you, you will either realize that you are hopelessly under medicated or really annoyed.
Me? Just annoyed.
I saw a TV doctor talking about cholesterol lowering drugs and he suggested that you should take them even if your cholesterol is normal... Just to be safe.
Got stock in Pfizer?

So, there is nothing wrong with you, your cholesterol is fine but you should take the drugs anyway. Yikes.

Toddlers are being given antidepressants in increasing numbers. What parents are so easily convinced and misled by some doctors that they would give brain altering drugs to their toddlers?

The use of antidepressants like paroxetine has grown by about 10 percent annually for children and teens, with kids aged 0 to 5 the fastest-growing segment, according to a new study published in the journal Psychiatric Services. The study, which follows the growing trend of prescription antidepressant use in children, shows that antidepressant use in girls preschool or younger doubled, while use in boys 5 or younger increased by 64 percent.

It will be interesting to see what happens to our generation of drugged children in 20 years when the long term effects of antidepressants are known. Teenagers are already known to be suicidal after antidepressant use, often within just one week. Could that be a good enough reason to NOT experiment on a 5 year olds rapidly developing brain?

Candace Pert says that a thought can change the molecules in your body and that no thought goes unnoticed by the brain and body. She is a scientist who researched the effect of thought on the chemical state in the brain and body.
Depression can be a result of thought that activates a memory in the brain and secretes chemicals that cause depression. Pert says that this memory, once activated, seeks out similar emotional memories and activates them, causing them to release the chemicals (neuropeptides) into the body that cause a chemical depression.

So... don't take any comfort in thinking your depression is chemical. It IS chemical,  but it is still a result of the thoughts you think and the length of time you dwell on them. If you are faced with difficult life events, you can let the emotions get a firm grip on you and then let yourself feel there are no solutions and allow yourself to go into a hopeless state. When you are told that your depression is chemical, you have a reason to feel hopeless and accept drugs as the solution.
Once this happens you are doomed to go down the spiral of darkness and gloom. I can think of a few places I'd rather be.

One alternative is to focus on solutions and possibilities. People who are depressed feel they have no possibilities for change. They have no idea how anything could ever change, and the cycle is ever expanding as the brain is forced to open old emotional memories and flood the body with chemical messengers that cause depression.

MY LIFE- a CD Hypnotherapy solution for depression

As it turns out, we have a choice about how our life progresses and how our body responds to the messages that our brain is generating. It is not easy sometimes, but knowing that you can do something about it puts you in the drivers seat. The easiest way to fail miserably in every area of life is to be a victim. (you are talking to the former president and CEO of victimland, in the county of hopelessville)
Anything you do that puts you more in control will change the way your brain secretes the chemicals of depression. Feeling that you have some control of your life is a great place to start. Even if it is only one small are of control.

If you have spent too many years being a victim you have created  a HABIT. This habitual thinking has been hardwired into your brain by reinforcement. Not only are you depressed, but you have to battle a habit.

Figure out what could change about your life right now, and find any small thing you could change, and focus on that. If you are depressed, this can seem like an impossible task.
No matter how small this thing is, it is important to activate the thought process that triggers more similar memories and emotions of being in control. (Positive emotional memories)
That little movement in the right direction may be better than hearing that giant sucking sound as you plummet further and further down the hole of despair. Usually it feels as if it will never go away. And that is part of the cycle.

What to do?

Strategy- When you feel the darkness looming, go ahead and give yourself permission to feel this bad just for today. Fighting the feeling takes a lot of energy and pushing against the force will only make things worse.

Go ahead and feel bad, but only for today,. Before you go to sleep for a nap, or for the night, tell yourself that you will feel better when you awaken, and write down how you are going to feel and how you are going to get there. Make it short and sweet.

A goal by itself does you no good.

A way to get there gives your mind instructions on how to feel the way you want to feel.
Writing it down does something to the process that is indescribable.
An action that you will take, any action, insures that you have a tool to stop habitual thinking.

NOT DOING any of these things guarantees that you will continue to feel the same way you have always felt.

STEP ONE- write down how you are going to feel tomorrow

STEP TWO- write down three specific things that you will do to make this happen. Change can't happen if there is no different behavior for your mind to choose from.

STEP THREE- write down the action you will initiate tomorrow to change the habitual thinking.

STEP FOUR- do NOT hang out with your victim friends. Find positive people who are making things happen and you will be inspired to be more like them in thought and action.

The new MY LIFE- the Solution for Depression CD program has a daily method to change your thoughts, feelings, dreams and outlook. I know it will help and I know you will feel better. This weekend it will be half price (through Sunday).
It is called
MY LIFE and it will slowly and gently help you to feel that YOUR LIFE is one that you actually enjoy living!
This new program will be $149.

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I know that Hypnotherapy can help you feel good again. My years of working with clients has proven to me that the healing from within beats the drugs of the day.
After seeing clients for 10 years, I can tell you that the fastest path to heal your depression is by resolving and releasing the emotional conflicts that are fueling the depression.
Feel better fast.
Find joy. Begin to have your life back.
Hypnotherapy on CD is wonderful way to start your day when you first wake up and a great way to be lulled to sleep with the positive suggestions that will feel your mind and soul each night.

Here is what you get-
Self Hypnosis Stress Relief: Teach your body to lower your blood pressure, release your stress, and let life feel easy and peaceful. Learn the power of self hypnosis and mind mastery. Stop anxiety with the deep hypnosis triggers.
Sunlight: Depression is often the result of a lack of sunshine. This session will create the sensation of sunshine and give you a wonderful lift in your energy and mood.
Singing for Health: Learn to sing with joy and have the confidence to sing from your soul. Experience the healing powers of your own voice.
Healing Garden: Healing Temple, and instant healing session. This session will focus on the physical and emotional healing that will lift you up from the darkness. In addition to the 25 minute healing garden, there is a 5 minute instant healing session.
Anger into Power: This CD helps you stay focused when angry, not lose your temper, and instead, communicate effectively with clarity. You will not lose your temper, you will feel calm and clear headed when faced with a challenge.
Lucky You: A fun CD that makes you into the luckiest person alive. You can create good luck when you have clear expectations and are aligned with the universe. Get hypnotized and get lucky now!
Release Negative Anchors: The mind associates the things around us with negative and positive memories. These become anchors to make us feel bad and good emotions. Find and release those negative anchors in your life. Free yourself from the unconscious negative emotions that were bringing you down.
Depression Buster: This session will help you to create the ideal brain chemistry for good mental health and to feel better right away. Feel good again.
Wake up Sleepyhead: Program your mind to wake up alert and energized in the morning. You will be excited about jumping out of bed every day.
Morning Meditation: Create a positive outlook for your day, as you awaken slowly to my voice guiding you with positive thoughts.

You also get a step by step method to lift you up and feel better each day.
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This is not just for depression. As you can see there are many sessions that you might find interesting, each one is individual and unique.
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Let us review.
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Have a wonderful, and brilliant weekend.
Peace on earth.


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