Our webinar last Monday raised a few eyebrows and closed a few eyes. It was the dreaded mystery topic! For those of you who couldn't attend (You still have a will of your own... yes, the attendees gave up their will) I will explain what we did.

I am usually the first to say that you can't be made to do anything against your will in hypnosis. However, with my group in a compliant trance, I tested their malleable will.
At 4 am, one of my tormented subjects, who tried to resist the post hypnotic suggestion, emailed me to relieve his suffering.
He was not the only one. Remember, "the more you try to resist the more difficult it becomes." :)

The theme of the seminar was based on my ability to make the attendees do things while in hypnosis whether they wanted to or not. [big evil grin]
The last suggestion of the hour was to have an overwhelming urge to email me in exactly two hours. If they didn't do it, their foot would begin to itch like crazy, reminding them that they have to email me. It would not stop until they sent the email. The morning group was told to have an itchy nose, evening group itchy foot. 

Trust me, this is the first time I have attempted to take over the brains of my subjects. I have to admit, it was kinda fun.

The emails poured in, and it was quite enlightening, even for me. One very resistant man felt he could overpower the suggestion, but finally gave in a 4 am. His foot wouldn't stop until he emailed. Another said his entire leg was itching, twitching and going nuts until he finally finished his email to me.
howdy ms windi.....
well at ten i sat down at the puter...... my left foot went up on the toes.... and my knee started bouncing uncontrollable..... that never happens.
i came back over to sign off.. when i sat down the front sole just behind my toes [is itching] and it still is.yes it's still itching.... but getting better.

The point of the webinar was not to make everyone miserable, but rather to show the power of a post hypnotic suggestion for even the most resistant types. The subjects were in hypnosis for the entire hour and they all felt that only 10-20 minutes had passed. They wrestled with their minds, I wrestled with my ethics.
Their minds were mine. MMMmmmMMMMmm.
All part of my plan to take over the world. So far, so good. (I hope you are all amused)

Great article on hypnosis this month in the Scientific American. If you want to know why it works, go here.
If you have not attended our webinars yet, well what the HECK are you waiting for? Every week I devote hours of my time, in an attempt to enlighten the world. (That's you) 
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A divorce, a death, a pet, a loved one that left... it can be devastating and difficult to get over. The pain can stay with you until you get closure. Often if the person is gone it might seem very difficult to resolve the issues.
The newly recorded GETTING OVER THE LOSS OF A LOVE will help you release the pain and hurt. You really will feel better and stronger, and more independent.

Many years ago when I had a break up, I was not able to think, work, eat or do any useful. I knew there must be a way to get over this FAST.

I thought about how I would feel in a year.
I figured I would be totally fine, over it.
Then I wondered how I would feel in 6 months. Pretty sure I would feel just fine, maybe only a twinge. Then I wondered why I had to feel bad NOW, if it was possible to be completely over it in the future. 

This is what I did. You can do it too.
I went into a timeline of the future. (do the breathe, relax, close your eyes, let go thing first) 
On this time line I experienced myself one year in the future. Yes indeed, I felt like a shiny new woman. 
Next, I slid myself backward on the timeline to 6 months in the future. I brought the feelings from the future with me. Felt good!

Next I said to myself, if I can feel this good in 6 months, I can feel this good in 3 months. Then I slid on back, still felt good. I said, hey- I bet I can feel this good in 1 month, and I slid back to one month in the future.
Then I went back one week at a time, did a check to make sure I felt I was totally over it. I got back to the present moment and said this-
"If I can feel this good, healed and whole, in the future, I can feel this good now".

At that point something snapped (in a good way) and suddenly I felt an incredible lightness and joy. I was over it. The bad feelings NEVER came back.

Please! If you are hurting, sad, depressed and hopeless from a breakup, death, or loss, use my new Getting Over Loss. It is a beautiful healing experience. Includes Forgiveness, Letting Go of the Past, Sacred Room, Cutting the Cord, and Release Negative Anchors. 
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Beautiful young people are accidents of nature. But beautiful old people are works of art.
- - - Marjorie Barstow Breenbie 
This is going to change minds and faces. The ZEN OF BEAUTY is a workshop that will make your inner beauty actually change the way your outer self looks. Super Model Carré Otis is transforming the way we project our beauty. You will be video taped before and after to show how profoundly you inner state affects the way you look.
Feel beautiful, accept yourself, love yourself, embrace your sensual and beautiful self. This workshop is July 11 and 14, near San Francisco. Instantly transform your attitude, and let yourself shine!
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