Sometimes you all just give me a headache. I am not sure why this happens, but maybe you can help me figure this out.

I make a VIDEO, advertise it as  VIDEO, sell it as a VIDEO that is called the BIG O dvd.
I even say hypnotic org@sm "caught on video", and when some of you received the discs this week, you insisted that they are defective.

Several of you wrote e-mails that had a very harsh tone (c'mon, where is the love?) accusing us of a variety of wrongdoings because you are trying to play this disc in a CD player.
If you put a DVD in a CD player, it will not work.
Yes, it will appear blank. Nothing will happen.
However, the disc clearly says DVD. (Wendi just has to hang her head in disbelief) (you know who you are, and you are not alone. This complaint came from several people)

I understand that sometimes you get tired, cranky, annoyed at all the technology we have to put up with in this world... but before you go totally nuts in an e-mail to me, figure out the answer age old question, "audio or video"
Because- you are giving me a headache. :)

And when I have a headache, here is what I do.
(nice segue, huh?)
You can do this too! And it just might make your head feel better.

Close your eyes. (you knew I was going to say that)
Deep breath
Start at the top of your head and relax the scalp.
Step by step, relax the forehead, eyes, cheeks, jaw, neck.
Now imagine cool, clear water flowing from the top of your scalp through your head, clearing away any tightness and tension.
Let your mind envision what this might look like as you wash it clean.
This visualization will actually cause the blood to flow away from your head, relieving the pressure.

To release the tension in your neck that may be causing the pressure, put both arms out in front of you and push while you slowly count from 10 down to one. (like you are pushing an imaginary wall)
Next raise both arms in the air, straight up, and push (like you are pushing on an imaginary celling, as you count slowly down from 10-1.

All of that tension you have been holding onto so very tightly has caused your neck muscles to get nice and tight, restricting blood flow. This will release it. I promise.

And if you are ready to finally, totally, and completely eliminate your headaches, you will want this.
Our brand new CLEAR HEAD CD set.
New, improved, faster, deeper, better, whiter and brighter.

Release the emotional conflict that is causing your headaches.
Train your brain to release the pressure instantly, anytime, anywhere.
Meet your future self that does not have headaches, find the wisdom and lessons from this future you.
Visit the healing garden, learn instant trance, have a 3 minute healing.

I have helped a lot of people in the last ten years who had relentless headaches. After hypnosis they no longer have headaches. Even migraine and cluster headaches can be helped with hypnosis.
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Only $49.
We will even throw in our
Magic Touch CD this week with all the Clear Head orders. A $29 value, free!

If you are not in the USA this 4th of July, you can still have fireworks. Here ya go. I like to mix the colors by clicking twice. I even figured out how to make a grand finally. You can even pretend that your friends are all there with you. Awe shucks, you could even sing.


They answer the phones, they strategically place you on hold (HypnoHold as some of you know), they fix my mistakes, (not that I really make any) and brave storm of e-mails. :)
Now the staff at wendi.com has decided to make up their own prices for the merchandise. And one of them even challenges you to hypnotize her!

Crafty little devils, yes they are.

Dr. Jim's Love Package
This Package is perfect for anyone who wants to have the confidence to attract a great love, free their mind to see the irresistible you, fulfill their needs with a BIG O, and handle the loss of any past or future relationships.
Love of your life
Hypnotize Your Lover
Loss of Love
Ultimate Confidence
A $225 value.
Dr. Jim's says to let you have it, in a loving way of course, the Love Package is available for a limited time at a loving price of $149.
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Hypnotize Roxie
Learn how to hypnotize anyone, anywhere, anytime with Roxie's Hypnosis Pack! Do things you never thought would be possible!
Receive the Do It Now program for all of those who just procrastinate hypnotizing me! Call and hypnotize me and see if you can Do It Now! Must buy my package to call and attempt to hypno me!

DVDs- Advanced Techniques, Self Hypnosis mastery, Self Hypnosis-the power within, How to Hypnotize anyone, EFT- emotional freedom therapy.
DO IT NOW cd program
Advanced Techniques script book, How to Hypnotize Book, EFT chart.
And also says "
Limited time offer- take advantage of me NOW! " (she really wants you to hypnotize her on the phone)
I will take $100.00 off this package price of $324.00 and I will let you have it for $224.00 so you have no excuses not to call me!
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Tina's Thriving at the Top- package
Power Nap Essential
Speaking Mastery
Power of Persuasion
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Holly's College Kid Party Pack
Party in your head- have the best party experience- no chance of a DUI.
Life of the Party- Be the "it" thing!
Wake up Sleepy Head- Remember your classes.
Power Nap- Up all night partying? Take a nap between classes!
a $116 value, Holly says SELL IT for $79
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Stefanie's Stuff
Be His Fantasy
The perfect package to help you gain the "sex goddess" image.
Irresistible you- make him want you... make him need you.
Breast Enlargement- The breasts you have always wanted to make his dreams come true.
Sensual Woman- giving is just as arousing as getting.
Ultimate Confidence- never be afraid to fulfill his fantasies again.
Value- $236
And she will let you take it right out of here for only $169
(how old is this fine young lady?)
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For those in the USA, enjoy your independence celebration. I always cry when they play the star spangled banner and that other country one. Just weird. Must be hormones.
For those in other parts of the world, blessings and peace.


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