Riordan's remark

If my name was Isis , I would feel very special indeed.

The 6 year old girl says her name means Egyptian Goddess. Until now, the girl named Isis knew her name was special. Our names are such an important aspect of our identity, and we value the meaning and the associations they have. We need to have them pronounced correctly, spelled correctly and of course, respected.

As children we are especially sensitive to ridicule and embarrassment. That is a given. Being teased about our names can be difficult, and even traumatic, since we live with that name and all of the negative associations that are created along the way, as a result of teasing and taunting.

How to traumatize a child- the Riordan method. California Education Secretary

One of the most powerful ways to create a trauma that will really stick in a young mind, is to choose your moment carefully. Make it a moment where everyone is watching.
Put yourself in a position of being taller so the subject is looking up to you. (as a child would have to do)

Get your subject to feel excited about something that is important to them. (like their name or identity)
Let them feel special and important, such as- they are about to tell you something that is important to them. (like what their name means to them)

Once they have shared this special moment with you, tear them down with simple, direct words that create an immediate impact.
Instantly negate what they just said by choosing words get straight to the point. (like stupid, dirty, etc) Choose words that will make the others laugh at them.

Now let's see how this would play out in a real environment.

Education Secretary Richard Riordan reads to a classroom of kids.
Six year old Isis tells him that her name means Egyptian goddess.
He tells her it means stupid, dirty girl.

The little girl repeated her statement again by saying "My name is of an Egyptian goddess." Riordan, visibly angry by this point responded to the little girl by saying "Listen, get the hell out of here. You are a stupid dirty girl and that is what you name means! Ok?" Then he grabbed her book and threw it against the wall.

The girl ran out of the room crying for her mother. "She was pissing the hell out of me." Stated Richard Riordan, "Obviously her parents have been lying to her all her life and making her feel like she is some kind of special 'Goddess' like person. Well I've got news for her! She is a stupid dirty girl and that is all she will ever be. Welcome to the real world!"

Damage done. Neat and tidy.

As a Hypnotherapist, I am always busy doing what is called regression to cause. This means that when an adult comes to me with a problem, and we want to find the ISE, or initial sensitizing event. We also look for impactful SSE memories, which are subsequent sensitizing events.
The initial event is often something that seems rather unimportant on the surface, until you look at the effect it has because of the importance of the moment.

If a kid on the playground calls you stupid it is bad, but not traumatic. If it happens when you are in front of the class while reading poetry, it has more impact. If you have a parent who also calls you stupid, it becomes traumatic because it validates the belief you have about yourself.

When I am doing therapy, I am always impressed at how these small events create and validate the negative beliefs that we have about ourselves.

They belief that they create becomes a core belief. It does not go away. It gets stored in a folder in your emotional core along with all the other memories that support this belief. As an adult you may not know why you are so afraid to take a chance, afraid to fail, or unwilling to go back to school… but it may be because you fear feeling stupid.

What Riordan did in a split second, is what Hypnotherapists are working to release and resolve for adults when they feel stuck and helpless.

I have seen the power that these events have when I do regression therapy.

I know from experience that Isis just got a whopper. All of the elements for creating a profound ISE were present.

Riordan may have been responding to something that he experienced as a child. Being in a classroom can bring up old emotions and maybe he blurted it out because something like that was said to him when he was very young.

There is no excuse for this; the words cannot be taken away.

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