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The Brain that would not die
Save A Brain, Eat Your Veggies
Hot to trot- Menopause and Hypnosis
Hypnotizing the Unborn
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Hello all. I found several interesting articles about hypnosis and your brain this week. Some are quite interesting, especially when someone dead comes to life. That one always gets me right here.

Bob and Bryan are moving to San Francisco next month. If you have a job for two young, energetic hard working guys who have been well loved by for the last couple years, please call them. We will miss them terribly. I am serious.
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Yes, it is time to talk about size. Check your pants, boys- Wendi has a question or two for you.

Oh, wait. This is about brain size. (well, for some of you that could be one and the same) (relax, it was just a joke) (or not) (hee hee)

Long ago I read that head size meant you had more brains and higher intelligence. But then I saw Jeopardy. That guy Ken has a rather small head. And he seems to know EVERYTHING.
Check head size here.

Regardless of size, his head sure must be full of brains. I think that brain capacity is not an issue, it is just a matter of finding it that data when we really need it.

We search our brains for the info, and then we complicate the entire process by adamantly stating I HAVE SUCH A BAD MEMORY! And your brain goes CLICKITY DOO DAH and does exactly what you just asked it to do. Nothing. Except to reinforce that you have a bad, bad brain.

I played. was doing great until final Jeopardy. Too bad the category was not CUTE LITTLE FLUFFY PUPPIES, cuz I can tell you a lot about those. This one sits on my desk all day.
Play Jeopardy Now.

Brain size- Size may matter after all, when it comes to IQ. A brain imaging study suggests that human intellect is based on the volume of grey matter in certain brain regions, challenging alternative views about the basis of intelligence.
Click here
to read the rest of the article.

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After being declared brain dead and taken of life support, they began wheeling him down the halls of St. Lukes hospital to his final destination. He opened his eyes and asked the nurse where she was taking him.
Read the rest of the article.

Maybe he was just meditating on how to get out of this coma. This will make you think twice about pulling the plug.


New Flash- it turns out that your mom was right. Green veggies really are good for you. Research is showing an improved memory with women who ate green leafy substances as opposed to those who did not.
I just think it is amusing that they have to do research to determine that veggies are good for you. The reason they did not do the study on men is because (insert your punch line here, email it to Wendi).
Read the article, click here.


The heat is on, but you might just be able to turn it off with your mind. Women who have hot flashes use hypnosis to reduce the frequency and severity.
Read the article here.

I just loved this part- Dr. Wulf Utian of the North American Menopause Society is concerned about what he calls unproven therapies being marketed to women.

If there is research that has been done and the effects can be verified, does that not make it a proven therapy? Yea, maybe he is right- all that hypnosis mumbo jumbo, who would market that to women anyway? J

And this part I loved equally as much as the last part-
The North American Menopause Society says, if a woman does feel she is entering menopause, she should get a complete medical examination.
Wendi says- Run, don't walk, to your doctor and get examined. After all, this must be a medical concern that only a doctor can handle. Phew.


This one got a lot of attention this month.
IVF in vitro fertilization, is more successful with hypnosis. By creating a peaceful environment and reducing stress with hypnosis, the subjects in this studay got pregnant at twice the rate when using hypnosis.
Read the rest of the Article
For some of my clients, this will come as no surprise. We have a few expectant mothers who have built a shrine to our Fertility CD.

It is simple really. If there is an emotional resistance or inner conflict about pregnancy, the mind will affect the body to support the (hidden) belief that you should not be pregnant. Releasing the negative emotions, creating a peaceful environment, and allowing the body to return to a balanced state will affect the conditions needed to allow the implantation of a fertile egg.

It is not just about IVF, but also for those who are having trouble conceiving in general. I have some great success stories in my files.


This is interesting for several reasons-
This article states:
Mothers who are overly anxious during their pregnancies may be unintentionally "programming" their babies for behavioral problems later on. According to researchers from Belgium who studied around 70 mothers and their first-born children, anxiety during pregnancy can have a worse effect on a child's eventual behavior than maternal smoking, low birth weight, or other factors typically associated with problem behavior in kids.

Read the rest of the Article

Many Moms who use hypnosis for childbirth claim that their babies are calmer and happier. While there is no research in on the effect of hypnosis on the unborn baby, the article shows that stress during the 12 th and 22 nd week can cause behavior problems in childhood. It makes sense that the state of mind of the mother affects the development of the baby. The Hypno Birth moms listen to hypnosis CDs for several weeks before birth. When I used to do hypno birth sessions in my office the moms felt so much better and happier, expecting to have a more peaceful birth. I suppose the baby develops in a more peaceful state as well.

More information on Hypnosis for Childbirth. Click here.

DC sdrawkcaB- llaC tsaL

On Friday I will reveal the results of our Backwards CD study. Many of you are listening to this one, and you should be taking the survey by now.
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We will see if all the backwards schmackwards stuff has any validity.

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