The Backwards results
Too Rich? Too Skinny? Naaa
Big 10 time

What I did-
I created a backwards hypnosis CD at the request of many of my customers and did a test on the unsuspecting masses.
What you did-
You (some of you) got your free Backward CDs and listened and took a survey to indicate what you most felt like doing, after each session.
Why I did it-
We want to find out if it is true, that the brain can comprehend entire sentences when they are bass ackwards.
What we learned-
The results were interesting, but may not prove much. You decide. If you have not yet used your backwards CD, do NOT scroll down and see the results.

The results are posted at the end of this newsletter!

You can never be Too rich or Too skinny?

Thatís what they say, but they might be wrong.
I think you can be too skinny. Duh.
Most of us are eating enough to make sure we never have to face that doom. Just in case you are doing a very good job of not being skinny, for you I have 10 items that are the solid gold secrets of weight loss.

Letís start with your body and then move to your mind.

TOP TEN things you can do to lose a pound a week
(and never find it again!)

1 Drink lots of water, with lemon.

Why? Water increases your metabolism. Fresh lemon juice has enzymes that cleanse, and creates an alkaline condition in your body. Your cells release fat when they are in an alkaline state and bind fat when the are acidic. To bind is human, to release is divine.

2 Take calcium

Studies in rats on a diet show that the ones with adequate calcium lost 30% more weight. Poor skinny rats.

3 Eliminate

Yes, we are talking poop. All that protein and no fruit makes Jack a backed up boy. Drink Psyllium husk with water twice a day. You will be light and fluffy. Even Jack will be dancing like tinkerbell. MMMmmmMMMmmmm.

4 Omega 3 oils.

Eat fish every day if possible. Tuna is an excellent source of protein and omega 3s. If you canít do that, take your fish oil.

5 Exercise before you eat

In the morning, do something to step up your metabolism. A short walk, jump up and down, run in circles, make love (while hanging from the trapeze for bonus points). Your body will burn fat, not food. DO NOT eat for at least an hour after you exercise. You will continue to burn fat rather than food. Your metabolism is increased for about 3 hours after morning exercise.
Get the Workout Compulsion CD. You will become crazy hot.

6 Raw veggies equal love

Eat em raw. Carrots, celery, broccoli, etc. Veggies are alkalinizing. And when you alkalinize, what happens?
Thatís right, your fat falls off.
Raw veggies have enzymes that digest food better, give you energy, slowly digest and make you feel full.
And of course, make you poop much better. And we all love that, donít we? Ooooh yeeeaaaa.

7 Do Squats

If you have no time to exercise, do this. Next time you are standing in front of the refrigerator visualizing ice cream (which is acidic by the way) do 10 deep SQUATS. After you are done you will no longer want food. You will want to sit down. Now would be a great time for a glass of water.
Squat when you brush your teeth, dry your hair, or watch TV. You are building some great muscle. And we know what that means? Fat falls off your body.

8 Drink Green Tea

No more coffee. It messes with your insulin levels, which causes cravings. Green tea on the other hand, increases your metabolism, is a powerful antioxidant, and for some reason makes you burn fat.
Hey, I have an idea. How about drinking the iced green tea with psyllium husk in it and the juice of one lemon while you are standing in front of the fridge doing squats. Perfect.

9 Stop the Sabotage

Find the positive intention behind your issues with food. If your inner mind has a powerful need to eat to fill an emotional need, have protection, or be fat due to identification issues, no amount of will power will help. The part of your mind that needs to eat in excess will get even more determined and you will be more backed up than you were before. Literally and figuratively. Clear the issue and make it easy.

10 The ONE thing ABOVE all else that will MAKE the fat fall off-

Three times a day, visualize the weight you will be when you step on the scale each day. Here is how we do it!

Get relaxed, close your eyes, imagine yourself stepping on the scale tomorrow, ONE POUND LESS.

For the Brits in our audience, I just donít know how to make this work in stones. A pebble a day, perhaps?

VIsualize. Now, notice what day it is tomorrow. Feel your feet on the scale. See the number. Smile, breathe. Squat just for fun.

Imagine Tomorrow.  Imagine it as real, the next day, the scal and one pound less. Make a note of what day it is.
Imagine the next day, same scale, new number. Fat is falling off all over the place.

Visualize SEVEN days at a time. IMPLANT the new weight and the day in your subconscious mind.

Do it in the morning when you first wake up.
Do it in the afternoon when you are dozing off at the office.
Do it  at night before you sleep. You will be amazed.

As a result of doing this, your brain will become convinced after a day or two that fat is supposed to be falling off. Your body will start to make changes. Your energy level will increase, you will eat less, for some strange reason you will want to exercise. Crazy, huh?

And the best part is your body will follow the new belief that you have created and make subtle changes to accomplish the task that your subconscious mind believes is happening.
Your cravings will stop. You will want more water.
You may even poop a little more often.
It can be quite interesting to see the way your mind and body responds to your efforts in manifesting your new weight.

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And now for the SURVEY RESULTS, 87 people responding.
Results for session 1 Content of CD was Thirsty.
11% Thirsty
33% Energized
29% Sleepy
25% Happy
00% Angry
Results for session 2
Content was Smile.
20% Want to go for a walk
Need to sleep
Want to sing
Want a smile
Need to eat
Results for session 3
Content was Make a Decision
20% Want to watch TV
Change my clothes
Eat ice cream
Make a decision
Make a phone call
Results for session 4
Content was Scratch my nose.
00% Walk in a circle
Talk to a friend
Squeeze my big toe
Scratch my nose
Read a book
Results for session 5
Content was Call a Friend
54% Go lie down
Take a bath
Find a book
Call a friend
Make dinner

Now, maybe one of our statically inclined friends will tell us if we were proving anything,

Until next time-
Peace on earth.


PS- even if you donít order these now, at least make a commitment to print this TOP TEN list and do the things I suggest. You really will feel more powerful, positive and pretty from the inside out.

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