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- Seven Super Simple Steps is Here! -
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- Peace in a Troubled World -

Seven Super Simple Steps is Here

This project is a culmination of many authors, who bring you their expertise on topics that they know and love.

They have about 60 books finished and they are ready for your vote.
One of our authors will win $1000 based on your votes.

Soon, the 7 Super Simple Steps project will be the world’s largest self help resource for instant help.
I have assembled over 200 authors, 240 book titles and tapped into an unbelievable resource of geniuses.
This first phase is getting rave reviews. I can see about 10 books that I NEED right now.

Vote now, go here

Want these books now? Go here

Watch the video

Divine Downloads To Delight (half off)

Finally! - Hundreds of choices. Instant Gratification. (my favorite thing in the world)
Your brain will love you for this.
Instant Hypnosis sessions from the mouth of Wendi. My staff has been working on this download site for a month, and now we need you to test it out.

Order any 3 downloadable MP3 sessions

Use the coupon MYBRAIN, and get them for half off.
Yes, indeed, a deal you can’t refuse.

These are full length sessions from our most popular programs.
You have access to them instantly, and at a great price.

It’s true, you will have to create a new user account for our 7 steps ebooks  download site. It is totally separate from our other cart with our regular programs.
But I think you will agree that it is worth it.

While you are there, consider signing up as an author. We would love to have you on board!

Peace in a Troubled World

It is troubling to see that everyone at the airport getting ready to go on their trip  has to endure such difficult procedures to board a flight. I am positive that a teenage girl is not hiding explosives in her lipstick. And every time I fly I see them frisking an old lady in a wheel chair.
Here’s the deal.
The suicide bombers are getting rewarded for blowing themselves up. They get to have 72 virgins when they die.
Now, call me crazy, but neither the teenage girls, nor the 5 year old, nor the old lady in the wheelchair have any need for 72 virgins.
That is why all the terrorists are young Arab males.
Time to wake up, America.

And as always, I am grateful for the job that the many countries are doing to help keep us safe. A lot of lives were saved due to some very good work by the very same government that frisks 90 year old ladies in wheelchairs.

Life is full of complex concepts.
Clear your brain.
(get hypnotized now, it’s easy, go here)

Remember to vote for your favorite ebook title today!

Voting closes on Sunday at Midnight.

Peace on earth…
And in your home.


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