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Here are the results from some very happy DO IT NOW people! These people have struggled with many other systems to try to find a way to stop procrastinating. Read on to find out how this one works.

Please tell Wendi that I love her and her programs. I cannot believe the success that I am having with the Procrastination program. My life has totally changed for the better and I am so happy. I am organizing my day the evening before and it is allowing to me to actually make more money because I know how I am going to run my day. I am so happy, please be sure to pass this on to Wendi



WENDI! I recently purchased Do it Now and it has CHANGED MY LIFE! Aside from finally keeping a balanced budget and doing my laundry, I have used the CDs to do everything from reduce my cigarette habit to meditate regularly.

You have an amazing talent, and it has touched my life immensely



Just a few words, i would like to thank you very much for making the cd end procrastination. It helps me tremendously. I am a single mother, a restaurant and comedian club owner, a practicing Hypnotherapist trader, and a Buddhist leaders. As capable as i am, my house is always a mess and it is really hard to teach my kid how to be neat when i procrastinate cleaning and organizing my house.

My daughter and I listen to the tape together every night, we just feel the energy to clean and put stuff away. I determine to listen to your tape everyday so I can tackle my pending paper works that burdened me for a long period of time.

I love to DO IT NOW!.
Laura T, Manhattan


Wendi, I endorse very few items or services. And in my career, I must be guarded in what I allow to be published for the general public. But with the program Wendi created, I am so deeply appreciative of how my life is better due to her service and products. And since you have helped me, and I honestly believe in the Do it Now course, I sincerely wish to help you in return.

This may seem small to you, but it is large to me. I find Wendi`s voice absolutely wonderful! I have used other courses over the years, all with men's voices, and Wendi wins hands down. I am a man who truly appreciates and loves women. I am finding that Wendi's female voice allows me be receptive, where with a mans voice it is quite a different story. I also find Wendi`s voice......,please don't hit me over the head....., quite sexy....,and for me this is a great benefit. I also find Wendi`s voice speed, choice of words and tonality to be very receptive to me. This all helps to keep me coming back, almost each day to listen to one of the courses tracks.

Since using the Do it Now course, in only a few short weeks, I have completed more task, got more involved living a quality life than what it seems I have done in years! I am a person who has tried many courses, live and taped. By no means do I state that Hypnotism, NLP, etc., works any or every time, for me. But what I am very happy to state is that Wendi`s Do it Now course IS WORKING for me. In that regards, I don't care what it is, other than IT WORKS!


Hi Wendi,

I am using the new Do it Now, stop procrastinating program NOW....LOL, notice the big NOW....., I love it!!!! It is already helping me make changes. Life tossed me a very difficult situation a few years ago. I shutdown, withdrew and I had been stuck in place for several years. I've came out the other side now, and anxious to accelerate into my wonderful, healthy and fulfilling life. Your programs are very important to me. Yours are working for me!

Oh, oh, oh,,,,,,,just one question please.......see, I am doing it NOW....LOL. When I listen to the Morning Meditation on the Do it Now program, should I be in Trance state, or simply listen and think about what is being said?

Thank you very much,



I started with Stop Sabotage track, and experienced large emotional release, to the extent that I am still feeling it physically two days after. Did I mention how serious my procrastination was? Doing nothing at all for days, just waking up from dreams on evening and blaming myself until end of the day. Damn procrastination.

Now it`s just two days after stopping the sabotage and I did so much things I would never believe possible, in fact I don't remember when was the last time I had such productivity. I am waking up at 6 o'clock in the morning and working till 22, feeling balanced and in harmony. In the past, I was blaming myself till 1 or 2 in the morning, waking up tired at 10 or 11.

But, no longer. I feel I am on the track, and although I know there is still much to do in terms of getting up to full potential, I am just feeling like re-born.
(And, in the past, I have become an expert on how to fight procrastination, but just somehow I couldn't put all those tools to proper use.}


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