PTSD Relief for all Veterans and Soldiers

A Real Change
Treating PTSD is difficult and often ineffective. As a veteran, you know the torture that you endure with compulsive thoughts, sleepless nights, disturbing dreams and inability to connect with your family upon returning home.




Powerful Rapid Change
As a worldwide leader in the Hypnotherapy and NLP field, Wendi Friesen has been asked repeatedly to make a program for veterans suffering with post traumatic stress disorder.
This program is a powerful method to change the way the brain is storing the information, memories and experiences.



The Gift
Wendi Friesen has decided to offer this program at no charge to our veterans. Her company,, has been shipping programs to our troops stationed anywhere in the world for free for over 10 years. She is committed to supporting the mental and emotional health of those that are giving so much. Wendi has created hundreds of programs that have reached millions around  the world. She has created this program specifically for PTSD for those who have served in the military and is offering her life changing work as a gift to all service men and women.



Why PSTD is Hard to Treat
Many Veterans try therapy that is focused on directing the conscious activity of the brain. Using coping skills and cognitive training, they are taught to try to change the way they think and react to their thoughts and emotions. The problem is that the effects of PTSD are not able to be controlled on a conscious level. Trauma, emotions, nightmares and the inability to connect with family are problems of the subconscious mind. Using hypnosis as therapy we can influence the way the brain is reacting and responding on a subconscious level. These reactions cannot be changed by willpower, cognitive therapy, or any amount of conscious or behavioural effort.



How Does Hypnotherapy Affect PTSD?
Hypnotherapy is a powerful way to access these emotional and mental networks in the brain and change them. The brain creates powerful neural networks that are wired in your brain as a result of the things you do, experiences you have and what you think about and focus on most of the time. PTSD is the result of the brain’s wiring of powerful neural networks that are now triggered by the events around you.
Post Traumatic Stress happens when something triggers the continual patterns that have developed from the negative experiences. The brain stores fearful and disturbing events with the all of the emotions and sensations and from those experiences. As you already know, these traumatic memories are on a much deeper level than our conscious mind has the ability to control.



How it Works
The program you are about to experience will work on many levels to relieve PTSD. Using the very best Hypnosis and NLP methods possible, the emotions that are stored in the brain are diffused and the triggers are changed.  The mind creates a new expectation and outlook and the brain activity becomes focused on the new feelings and emotions.  This change is powerful and fast. You will emerge feeling healthier, more balanced, stronger and will have the ability to once again connect with family and friends.  This therapy works because you are working directly with the subconscious mind and changing the way the brain is reacting. Hypnotherapy helps to create new neural networks, release the triggers and change your nightmares into dreams.



How to Get Started
Sign up for the program. It is totally free if you have served in the Military. You will receive a link with the password that opens the program. If you are committed to creating this change and you use the sessions as you are instructed every day, you will start to feel better, sleep great at night and enjoy life again. You will be using the sessions every day. You will start in the morning upon first awakening, as you fall asleep and during the day. Stay committed to this program and you will continue to overcome your fear, anger, isolation, anxiety, depression and detachment. Every day you will start to notice changes that will help you create a happy and powerful life.

Click here to start the program.

12 Responses to “PTSD Relief for all Veterans and Soldiers”

  • Be sure to read my post about how Hypnosis is different in treating PTSD.

    Your thoughts, questions and comments are welcome!


  • ERP Thompson:

    Police and Firefighters, who serve at home, also suffer cronic PTSD.
    Are they also included in this offer?

    • I think that would be fine to offer it to you all as well. My thoughts on offering it to Veterans for free is due to their difficult financial status.
      You can get it for free if you feel you cannot choose an amount to donate toward it. The donation choice allows any amount.
      I am grateful for the amazing work that our police and firefighters do. Use the program and tell me what you experience as a result. Pass it along!


      • Cyndy Skala:

        Hi Wendi,

        I am not a veteran, but my husband had heard about your program on the radio and suggested I contact you. I suffer from fairly severe Anxiety. Have all my life as did
        my mother, grandmother, an uncle and a cousin. It now seems to be showing up in my grandchildren as well, a real concern of mine.

        Can your program help me to overcome my anxiety? Or other anxieties that are not military in nature?

        Thank you for responding.

  • Aubianne:

    This is a great offer, Wendi, but the whole country is in the worst recession it’s seen in years – and not just veterans are suffering financial instability and destitution.

    What about those of us also battling chronic depression and the nightmare anxiety, panic, and flashbacks that are associated with PTSD, even if the roots aren’t from serving in the military?

    Don’t get me wrong – I think offering your programme at no cost to veterans is well-deserved and brilliant. But … what about the rest of us? No, you can’t expect to help anyone free-of-charge, really, but to offer it to one per centage of the population and not the rest, even though we’re -all- living the nightmare?

    Is there anything for us?



    • Hello A,

      I hear ya! THat is why I put the donation option on there. You can pay whatever you can, even just $1 if that feels right. I hope that makes sense. The purpose of doing it for the veterans is because they are so damaged from serving us with no help from anyone. To fund the program for free, there are still costs even though it is online, the donations offset that. And by making the pay what you like option, I think it is as good way to make it affordable for everyone. Seriously, just donate any amount!

      Love to help you.


  • While there are some people who come in for one session and say good enough, and don’t come back. It is usually because of a trick PTSD is playing on them. They don’t know how much they hurt until it don’t hurt no more. Most people with PTSD can get to about 90% better in six visits. That includes crime and trauma victems. Rape recovery people can do even better with honest support of family and friends, also true of PTSD and trauma people. Without it may be 50% or less.

    Ok, We are better, now what? You still need counceling and help putting your life and family back together. Use a third party not the hypnotherapist. There is too much of an intimate link with the hypnotist. Help someone else. It’s the best way to help yourself.

  • Jason Kropidlowski:

    Wendi, I am not only a Vet who suffers from PTSD, but also a fellow consulting hypnotist in New York. While I have had great success in dealing with many of the PTSD symptoms using self hypnosis, I am about to venture into your program. I am confident that using your program in conjunction with daily self hypnosis, will assist me in working through the remaining issues I have to deal with. Thank you and kudos for your gratitude to not only the men and women who serve our nation, but to all suffering with PTSD.


    Jason Kropidlowski, CH
    ROC Hypnosis

  • Sharon:

    What you are doing is a great thing and I really believe it will help a lot of people. Another group that could be helped by this is people with Fibromyalgia. It has been likened to PSTD from several of my Doctors. I belong to the American Legion and I will do my best to get in the bi-monthly News Letter. I also will post it on Facebook.
    Thanks for all you do.

  • joyce fiechtner:

    Hi Wendi–this is fabulous what you are doing for our service men, what a great way for them to be helped.
    I have suffered from pstd for many years, childhood trauma, rape, abuse, being locked up abandoned well you know it well, i am sure, each person individual but stories the same. Will you have another time that you may do non-military? that would be so great, i know you are more than going the extra mile, but if you could i would like to feel as close to normal as i could even just for a while. Thanks Wendi

  • S W:

    Hi Wendi
    Thanks for making this available–your heart shines through once again.
    I just sent the link to my Dad. He served in WWII, had been a POW, and was silent for 60 years about the difficulties he had endured. He has since been in veteran groups etc and has gotten some good support but these groups are no longer meeting. I am just wondering if doing this program with out outside support may stir things up too much.
    What do you think?

  • Hi Wendi,
    First, I would like to thank you for your contribution to our Veterans: they truly can and will benefit from your PTSD Hypnosis Program. You are gifted and I have, MANY, of your Sessions.
    I am a Holistic Nurse, with a background in psycho-therapy.
    I, too, have PTSD and Fibromyalgia and I think paying for your program is the least that I can do, to help support our Men & Women in Service.
    For the others suffering with PTSD, here: I have volunteered to help the Veterans’ returning back from Afghanistan and Iraq.
    It was a new program to help them transition back into society.
    I would like to be very clear: They truly do need & deserve assistance and support from, all of us!
    The symptomology observed: they are very proud men & women who come back and often, not sure where they fit in. They are not provided the resources to re-integrate back into their lives.
    We have so much information available to us, programs to help us, if we need help with PTSD, but the Veterans’ need extra TLC and their families, too, to understand what they experienced.
    We, All, can donate a little of ourselves to help those who protect us, unwaivering, without asking anything in return, but must remember: They are the most deserving!
    Appreciate those who Give From their Heart~

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