Memorial Day

Thank you is not nearly enough.

I am always deeply moved by the level of dedication and commitment that those in the military choose to live by. Life is full of choices, some made for personal reasons, some because of a life passion and some because of a need to serve and protect.

For our military and veterans, my heart and soul salutes you today.

I just returned from a memorial day event with air force fly by, 21 gun salute and a recognition of some of our heroes. While most of us go about our lives, dealing with our daily problems, difficulties, joys and celebrations… we have only one day to honor those who chose to live a life of dedication, discipline, sacrifice and honor.

The connection and strength of your relationships is something that most of us will never know or understand. Watching the story on 60 minutes about the soldier who had an RPG embedded in his belly just told the story better than any of us civilians can ever understand. Despite the orders to not help him, not transport him, not give him medical care… he was transported, operated on and saved. Against orders and obviously a dangerous decision for everyone involved, every person on the team had no hesitation in saving him.

To the dedicated soldiers in active duty and those who have served, I thank you. My tears of joy and sadness are for your service and dedication and loss on this day. One day to remember is not enough. You are in my heart every day.

When I decided to make the program for military and veterans to help with the horrible effects of PTSD I never imagined charging for it. It was never a decision I had to make. I believe that my new program for PTSD Relief will have a profound effect on your mind, heart and soul. All you need to do is use it, experience it fully and dedicate yourself the the process for one week.

It is my gift. And it is a gift from my heart.

There are sessions in the program that are about coming home and reconnecting with your family, friends and lovers. When I made these, I let myself connect with the emptiness and fear and hopelessness that so many of you tell me you feel every day. As you experience these sessions just know that even though I cannot ever understand what it is like for you to come home and try so hard to live a normal life, I do have my heart in this project and I will stay dedicated to helping you.

Your feedback and thoughts about the program will help me to focus on what you need.
Just ask. I will continue to add to the program and create the healing and empowering sessions that will let you reconnect with every part of your life.

Let’s do this together.

Thank you to the family members and mothers who convinced me that this is some of the most important work I can do.

Thank you to Mike Sweezy for opening my eyes.

Thank you to every one of you who lives your life with dedication, loss, sorrow, power and service.

You are loved.



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How to end PTSD

How to stop PTSD 

PTSD Relief for Veterans and their families


A free 7 day program to release PTSD from



If you are reading this you are probably suffering with the nightmare of PTSD or you know someone who is.

There are many treatments for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the experts have long been searching for an effective solution. 


PTSD is treated with drugs, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Exposure therapy and EMDR. The treatment that is stated as the most effective is In Vivo Exposure Therapy. What this means is that you take the person to the thing that caused the PTSD and expose them to it repeatedly. This form of therapy is supposed to reduce the reaction to the trauma gradually. Success is seen in 16-20 weeks of repeated exposure. That is a long time! 


Veterans and their families are  devastated by PTSD. Our Vietnam vets are still struggling with this 40 years after being in that war. Now a new wave of the most serious and debilitating PTSD is showing up in our troops. The effects  of PTSD on our troops who are coming home is epic. 


A mother wrote to me. 

She said her son is tortured by his PTSD.He can’t function, has nightmares, is unable to get back to connecting with his family and is in emotional pain most of the time. 

I told her that I wished there was something I could do. PTSD is such a difficult and complex disorder that even the best experts have not been able to find solutions for treating it.  


To be honest, I just didn’t think it was an area I wanted to venture into.


She wrote me again. And again. 


This mom had experienced some miraculous results with my programs and methods and she was SURE that my work could release the terror of her son’s PTSD. 


I thought about it. I couldn’t get her message out of my mind. What if I can create a program that will give relief  and peace of mind to the men and women who deserve it the most?


How could I not work on this?  I couldn’t let it go. 


I mentioned it in one of my newsletters… I put a quick note about a program I was thinking about creating for PTSD. The emails poured in. 


Even now, I am feeling the sadness and hopelessness that you all have described in your letters from all the devastation that you endure.  


The next decision just made sense. 

The program will be free. Totally free, no strings attached. 


Further research on PTSD, consulting with experts, looking at studies and methods all led me to the same conclusion. There are few effective methods to help overcome this. And yet, many Hypnotherapists shared their stories of dramatic success with their PTSD clients in their offices. 


To be frank, this did not surprise me. Hypnotherapists and NLP practitioners are a gifted bunch. We have some mad skills, baby.  Using our methods that create every day miracles for our clients also works miraculously for PTSD. 


Typically, a problem of this magnitude would not be administered on a CD or online or unassisted. Most Veterans cannot afford to see a private therapist for 5 – 10 sessions even if there is the promise of a life changing experience. Good Hypnotherapists charge $200- 400 an hour and insurance does not pay. 


The PTSD Relief program is a 7 day commitment. If you are going to do it, do it right. One of the problems in making this free is that some people will not dive in completely and they won’t dedicate themselves to it for a week.  If you pay for something, and this program would cost about $200 for the full 7 days, you tend to take it much more seriously.


But let’s face it. Our veterans don’t have much money. Many of them are homeless because of the lack of care from the government  upon returning. And the ones who have a roof over their heads are barely making it on the money they make. 


Here is what is needed.

Get your mental health back.

Release the torture of the memories, 

Restore your emotional health and balance

Recover from the damage in your brain. 


I know that all of this is possible, even for the worst cases of PTSD. I have taken on some serious issues, like alcoholism and drug addiction and created programs that people use at home, unassisted. The results have been stunning. It shouldn’t be that easy to change someone’s brain so they no longer struggle with addiction, but it is. 


Easy is not really the right word.

It is not a simple snap of the fingers. 

The work you are about to experience in the next 7 days is a result of years of dedication, research and application on my clients around the world.


Here is what I have discovered.


We know that the brain is plastic. We used to think that the brain stays the same after developing around the mid twenties. It was believed that our brain was fixed, then started to decline after about 25 years old. 

Turns out that is all wrong! 


In recent years the scientists have discovered Neuroplasticity in the brain. This means that the brain is ALWAYS changing, growing, creating new neural networks, increasing brain mass, diffusing old wiring and basically being molded… like plastic. 


This neuroplasticity is important to understand when you are looking at some of the current treatment methods.


Compare the concept of Hypnotherapy to Exposure Therapy. 


In Hypnotherapy treatment you are creating new emotions, beliefs, values and behaviors. You are releasing the triggers and the associations that created the negative reaction. You find the traumatic emotional memories and change the way your brain reacts to them. You teach the brain to grow new neural networks that support all the experiences that you WANT to have. You create a powerful and successful and happy YOU in the future and build the brain responses that support this.


In Exposure Therapy you talk about the problem and the fears. You then subject yourself to the trauma again. You flood your brain with all the associations, fears and bad memories and force yourself to confront the thing that is causing the problem.  This therapy might actually be reinforcing the trauma, building even stronger associations and programming the brain to strengthen the triggers for PTSD reaction. 

So why does it work? Eventually (they claim 16-20 weeks, that is 4-5 months) you will have talked it out and by being exposed repeatedly you will diffuse the reaction. Eventually. 


If you have a snake phobia and you expose yourself to snakes for 4-5 months it is possible that your brain will learn to adjust to being in the presence of snakes and you will learn (the hard way) that snakes are not a threat. You may learn to not be afraid of snakes, but what state of mind will replace it?


A client came to me who had PTSD from a simulated car accident. She was only 16 years old. At her high school they had a disaster drill day where they simulate the experience using the students as victims.  Her role was to be bloodied up and lay unconscious from a car accident. 

Why did this create PTSD from the event?


The subconscious mind does not know the difference between a real and an imagined event. The brain is rapidly growing the connections that wire this experience  into the brain as a real memory.  Even though the conscious mind knows it wasn’t real, the subconscious does not care. The emotions, the sounds, the intensity, the pretend fear, the screams of the actors, the fake blood… well it all became a powerful memory that was impossible for her to release.


My client could not be in a car after that. 

Even though she knew it was just a drill, her subconscious was in charge. The subconscious was instructing the amygdala to have a fear response, and this was totally out of her conscious control. 


She was immersed in an experience that told her brain to be afraid. And all the talk therapy didn’t help a bit. It was simply reinforcing the problem. 


This is why I am thinkin that exposure therapy may be reinforcing the problem as well. I cannot imagine how torturous it must be to do exposure therapy for 4-5 months.


Back to Hypnotherapy. 


When you fire the neurons in your brain you create wiring to support whatever you were doing. You wire up a network of neural pathways that join together. These neural pathways find other similar neurons that have whatever is needed to support the experience.


For instance- if you are learning a new sport, like golf,  you would close your eyes, imagine hitting the ball brilliantly, feel the cool air, enjoy the pride of watching your ball reach the green and feel the strength of all the muscles working in unison to create a brilliant shot. 


Guess what? Your brain, and your subconscious mind in particular (which you remember doesn’t care if this was real or not) gets busy wiring up these neural networks. They connect based on all the needs to support this amazing shot. Muscles, strength, feelings, emotions, visual stimuli, even the sounds of the ducks in the pond-  it is all being wired together because that is what you were firing in your brain when you envisioned and imagined the golf shot. 

Spectacular, yes?


A good hypnotherapist will EXPOSE you to this positive scenario repeatedly. You will have constant and repeated exposure to being a brilliant golfer so that the wiring gets strengthened over time and you build triggers for these good feelings and skills instantly.


This same method is what works for drug addicts, people with severe anxiety, insomnia, depression, anger and even PTSD. 


I think PTSD is a complex problem and I am not comparing it to simply learning to golf. What I am trying to help you understand is that the thing you fear is not the thing to be exposed to if you want to get over it. And it does not take months to change the brain’s wiring or to change the triggers that determine how you are going to respond to the world around you.


I have had thousands of referrals from MDs, psychiatrists, counselors and specialists. When they are not getting the results they want with their patients they seek out the solution that is buried in the subconscious mind. And Hypnotherapy and NLP are two amazing modalities that can create miraculous outcomes. 


Now, you might be ready to end your PTSD, depression and anxiety. I want that for you as well. First you must make a decision.


Do you really want this? I hope so, that is why you are here.


Are you willing to commit 7 days to change and release this? 


After all you’ve been through, will you be willing to do this with dedication?


Will you keep a journal and do the writing that is asked for each day? 


Good times! Let’s rock this. 


I give you this program with immense love and respect for the work and dedication and service you have given to us. 


Let’s do this.





Wendi Friesen


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