Day 1

 Day 1 - Relax To The Max


Today is the day to create a peaceful state of relaxation. I am sure that being blissful seems like an impossibility for you. But with some training, your brain will learn the relaxation response. The relaxation response is something that Dr. Herbert Benson, who headed up the mind body medicine department at Harvard, discovered and researched. Some people come by it naturally and others have to teach their brain to achieve it.

If you are new to this kind of experience, the most important thing you can do is to simply not TRY to make it happen. Everything you are going to experience today is simply about letting go, letting your mind follow my voice and teaching your mind to relax.

Your brain is struggling with being in a high state of alertness. Obviously, this is the opposite of what we want to achieve. When you start to feel the relaxing and drifting feeling, just enjoy the experience. No effort, no trying, no one telling you how you need to do it. It is your personal experience, and however you experience it is just perfect.




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Wake Up – Conscious Creation  (Problems downloading sessions? Click here for help)

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PTSD Day 1


I will guide you to create the day you want to have. Your senses will all be involved in the creation of the emotions, sounds, experiences that you would like in your perfect day. Creating what you want, consciously and on purpose, is the most valuable and fastest way to become more peaceful and happier.


Mid Day


Brain Massage – Core Needs

If you could remove all of the outside influences, the negativity, the stress, the traumatic memories and experiences and find your true self… who would you be?
What will you think, when you really think for yourself? Will you let go of addictions, bad habits, compulsive behavior? This session is a starting point to train your brain and body to relax deeply to explore who you really are, without the trauma, without the stress.
Use Headphones!
This session has a unique method of using two voices that will feel like your brain is being massaged.


Afternoon, listen to these sessions

Self Talk
Intro To Self Talk
What to Say When You Talk To Yourself

All of the work we are going to do this week will be powerful. One thing that can sabotage the good changes we will make is the way you talk to yourself. Your inner voice and the things you say to others will continue to determine how you feel. Your expectations will be expressed with the words you use to describe it.
Changing your self talk and being more conscious of the negative things you are saying will help you immensely. You will create more positive statements and expectations.



Deep Sleep Sacred Serenity

Every night you will go to sleep with a session that creates a very positive message, deep relaxation and healing. You are starting off with an amazing session that is all about Serenity. It might just give you the best sleep you have had in a long time. Keep it near you while you sleep and if you want to use it during the night if you wake up, you will be able to turn it on and go right back to sleep.

Tomorrow we will begin our work on releasing the effects of PTSD from your body and mind!

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Wake Up – Conscious Creation



Brain Massage – Core Needs


Self Talk



Deep Sleep Sacred Serenity


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