Day 2


Day 2 - The Sanctuary


Today you will continue to train your brain and body to relax more deeply and create new feelings of safety and peace.



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Morning Meditation Anxiety Relief

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PTSD Day 2


[/ismember][nonmember]Morning Meditation, Anxiety Relief[/nonmember]


Today you will start with the Morning Meditation that will shift the difficult thoughts you normally have upon awakening. It is best to listen to this when you are still in bed just waking up, but if you are already out of bed you can do this session now.


[ismember] Sanctuary[/ismember][nonmember]Sanctuary[/nonmember]

Creating a safe sanctuary in your mind will give you a place to feel safe and comfortable while doing the work to release the traumatic memories.
This Sanctuary session helps you to create all the feelings, images and sensations of safety and peace and reinforce this in your brain by building new pathways that will allow you to feel relief anytime you need it.

The Sanctuary session can be done anytime during the day. It is best not to do it when you are very tired, since you want to be aware of the experience. You are not supposed to fall asleep during the session. You will be in trance, and at the same time you will be aware of what you are experiencing and you will remember most of what you experience.

A common misconception about hypnosis is that you won’t remember a thing afterwards. Many people think that they were not in hypnosis since they remembered most of the session. That is actually normal and very helpful to have the experience in your conscious recall as well.

You can listen to the Sanctuary several times today if you like.


Deep Sleep, Dream Programming 

Tonight, before sleep, listen to the Dream Programming session.
During this session you will be creating visions of what you want to dream about.

You can use one of these ideas to focus on or find something of your own that you want to dream about.

Feeling love and connection with your family.
Playing and laughing with your kids.
Being really good at a new sport.
Connecting with friends and enjoying time together.
Having a vacation with your family or friends doing something you love.
Going sailing, skiing, kayaking, golfing, etc and feeling excited about it.
Learning something new, like playing a musical instrument, painting, singing etc.

Sometimes the dreams will shift right away and other times they change over a few days. You will feel better and every day you will wake up realizing that you are getting your life back more easily than you imagined!

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Deep Sleep, Dream Programming

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