Day 3


Day 3 - Letting Go




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Morning Meditation, Healing

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PTSD Day 3


[/ismember][nonmember]Morning Meditation, Healing[/nonmember]


Use this session upon first awakening or as close to awakening as possible. It is always best to do this while you are still in bed when your brain is in the alpha state. Our brain waves change from our waking state of Beta, to Alpha which is the day dreamy state and also the state you are in as you are first falling asleep and upon first awakening.
As you go into a deeper sleep you go into Theta, the sleep state, and Delta which is the deepest sleep state.

Everyone is in trance throughout the day. It might be while you are engrossed in a good book, or watching a movie you love, or when you are playing music or doing things that are very creative. Because of your PTSD your brain may have learn to stay more alert and on guard most of the time and you will need to retrain your brain to go into a comfortable alpha state.



Need a Quick Stress Release? [ismember]   Brain Massage session [/ismember]

You can use the Brain Massage session from Day 1 anytime you need a fast trance session for relief from compulsive thoughts or to escape from feelings you don’t like.
Most people feel the Brain Massage session puts them into a deep and peaceful trance instantly and it feels like their brain is being massaged and relieved of the stress instantly.
Relax and enjoy this session anytime!


[ismember] PTSD Release [/ismember] [nonmember]PTSD Release[/nonmember]

This session is the one that will put the memories in the past, allow your mind to let go and most of all release the emotions connected with the experience.
You don’t have to remember all the things that happened that caused the stress. Your mind is able to find the similar experiences and release them into this experience.[ismember]

How often should I listen to a session?
The session today might give you an immense sense of relief. If you are comfortable with the outcome of the session and feel complete about the experience you don’t need to do it again. If you feel you didn’t allow yourself to get into the experience fully, then you can do the session again tomorrow morning.

Research shows that writing about emotional experiences can create chemical changes in the brain and body.
After the session you will accelerate your healing if you write down what you experienced. You can write about the negative experiences that you released and also write about what it felt like to let it go. Write down as many of the positive feelings and realizations as possible.


Deep Sleep, Blissful Sleep

Tonight fall asleep to this Deep Sleep session. There are suggestions in this session that tell your body to sleep deeply through the night, peacefully and comfortably.
If you awaken during the night and you have the session close to your bed you can play it again and as often as you like. Some of my clients have put this on autoplay where it repeats this one session over and over. They tell me they had their best sleep of their life when they do this!
Let me know how it affects your sleep tonight.

Sweet dreams! Life is getting better.

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Deep Sleep, Blissful Sleep

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