Day 4


Day 4 - Fearless Future




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Morning Meditation,  Gratitude

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PTSD Day 4


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As you wake up this morning you will experience a session of gratitude. You will focus on what you are grateful for and what you love about your life. Even if you feel there is nothing good in your life right now, this session will really shift things for you.

Remember, what you focus on expands. And in a literal sense this is happening because our brain is building neural networks as a result of every thought we think. And these networks continue to be built based on every emotion and reaction to the situations we are in.

Negative or positive, our brain doesn’t much care. It just keeps making these thoughts into things. And those things are the hardwiring that determines what neural pathways are activated to respond to the events around us.
Let’s build some good ones!
Listen to this session as often as possible today and anytime you feel the need to have more gratitude.


 [ismember]The Path  [/ismember][nonmember]The Path[/nonmember]

There is something miraculous that happens when we experience ourselves in the future. This imaginary journey takes you to a time when you are feeling good again, connecting with family, doing things you love and being the man or woman that you know you can be.[ismember]
When your subconscious mind absorbs the experience of meeting your future self there are a lot of things that change.
Right now your mind has only one reality about your future and that is that the future will be pretty much the same as the past and the present. One reason that PTSD is so difficult to release is that your mind has nothing else to focus on but the fear of things being the same or getting worse.

After you experience the path and you meet your future self you can keep that image in your mind all day. Let your thoughts drift to the feelings in that future vision and take a nice deep breath and just be there as often as possible. Every time you allow yourself to do this you are healing your brain, mind, body and soul.

Today is a great time to do more writing. The more you write about who you are in the future the more solid you make the experience. While you are writing let your mind go even more into this future you and find more things that you like about the changes you have made.


 Deep Sleep, Patience

Patience is the lesson for sleep tonight. Let your body and mind feel the relief as you let go of anger, irritation and impatience.
When you awaken in the morning you might find that you are feeling a special wisdom about the events around you. And you will find that things just don’t bother you so much anymore.

The time you spend sleeping can be very valuable. There are experts who say that the things you think about as you are falling asleep are programmed into your sleep and repeated all night. When you think about what you have been struggling with before and during sleep you will realize how important it is to flood your mind and body with something different.

Don’t watch the news at night before bed.
Don’t read books that are scary, thrillers or mysteries.
Don’t play video games before bed.
This time before bed is crucial to your recovery.

Sweet dreams! Life is about to change in a big way.

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Deep Sleep, Patience

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