Day 5


Day 5 - Release The Past


Morning Meditation, Karma of Kindness



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Karma of Kindness- Induction

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PTSD Day 5


This session is a really powerful way to bring you back to being connected with your family and friends. This session will continue to help you feel patient and kind. You will also begin to restore your ability to feel compassion and patience with others.



[ismember] Release The Past  [/ismember] [nonmember] Release the Past [/nonmember]

This experience was created to change the way you react to past experiences. If you are still having difficulty with negative memories this will bring relief. This can be a rather emotional experience but at the same time it will be very positive.
With each event that you are asked to think about, you will find something positive, like a lesson or realization about how that memory is teaching you something positive. [ismember]


 Sleep Deep, Sacred Serenity

Tonight you will sleep and do some healing work for your mind and body. You may find that you actually release some pain and discomfort as you drift off to sleep with the healing messages. Tonight you will be programming your body to heal.

I get a bit tingly just thinking about it. Don’t you?

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Deep Sleep, Sacred Serenity

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Tuesday, January 23, 9:54 pm

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