Day 6


Day 6 - You Are Loved




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Morning Meditation- Gratitude

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PTSD Day 6


  [/ismember][nonmember]Morning Meditation- Gratitude[/nonmember]


Experience the gratitude session again, this time looking for even more things that make you grateful. Small things, big things, silly things, meaningful things. Just let the gratitude flood your mind and body.


 [ismember] Ho’oponopono  [/ismember][nonmember]Ho’oponopono[/nonmember]

This session has been created from a Hawaiian Healing ritual. The entire experience is created from four phrases. Thank you I love you I’m sorry Forgive me

As you experience this session you may feel an intense emotional release. This is quite typical for most people since the phrases, when you get to the core of each one, can release some deeply stored emotions. Even though this might be a very emotional session it will be one of the most healing sessions you will experience.[ismember]

Writing- Be sure to do lots of writing after this session. Put it all onto paper and let your writing reveal more wisdom, truth and changes that you are feeling.

Sleep Session, Loving Words


 Loving Words- Voice

This is the voice only, no other sounds. Let this play on your computer while you are working or when you wake up in the morning. As these phrases play on your computer or iPod you will find yourself agreeing and participating in the statement.


Loving Words- Whisper

This session is the voice only. The phrases are said in a more intimate and quiet way, almost as if someone is whispering in your ear the words you long to hear. This session would be really great to fall asleep to.

Tonight you get to listen to Loving Words.
Your struggle with PTSD has probably prevented you from accepting love. It can be natural to be resistant to hear that you are loved and special. In this session you will hear it said in many ways, in a very intimate nurturing way as you fall asleep.
Just let it sink in as you feel yourself accepting the words and the meaning they have for you.

You are loved.

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Sleep Session, Loving Words

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