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Day 7 - Ready To Fly




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Morning Meditation, Creation

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PTSD Day 7


[/ismember] [nonmember]Morning Meditation, Creation[/nonmember]


This morning you will wake up to a world that you create. You choose the feelings, emotions, experiences, sounds and events of your perfect day.


[ismember]  Core Confidence [/ismember][nonmember]Core Confidence[/nonmember]

Today you will create confidence, in a way that is personal for you. In this session you can discover what you want to be confident about, how you want it to feel and create it at your core. Let go of fear, doubt and distrust. When you create this as a core belief you can be confident about your life and your happiness.[ismember]


 Deep Sleep, Focus and Accomplishment

If you are ready to get on with life and get things done, this session is going to help you get focused. As you sleep you will be training your brain to have a gentle and purposeful vision of what you want to accomplish. You will probably feel excited about working on a new project, finishing and old one and being much more creative and energized in the process.

More Help-

If you are feeling that things are improving and you need more help there are many things that can create more peace and connection with your home life.
One of my favorite programs is the Time Line Journey. This is not made specifically for PTSD, but it is an excellent way to work deeper on releasing the past and creating the future.

By now, you are realizing how you create the way your brain reacts and responds, how your mind directs your thoughts and what you focus on and how your body can feel better with healing meditations.

You can go back and listen to any of the sessions from this program as you need them, to let go, create more connection and experience peace in your life.

If you would like to continue with the Time Line Journey, it is not part of this PTSD Relief program but we will give it to you at a special price.

Time Line Clearing and Creation

"Time Line Clearing and Creation"

Find more information here for the special price for those in the military and veterans.


You probably know that the biggest step in healing your life is forgiveness. To truly heal and be free from the torture of fear, anger and resentment there has to be forgiveness.
Forgiving others does not mean that they are right or that they are justified. It is about understanding and compassion and a willingness to let go of your judgement and blame and anger. When you experience full forgiveness for a person or for an experience in your life- you are free.

Forgiveness brings immense freedom and peace of mind. The letting go of the past can be overwhelming, in a good way, when forgiveness is experienced.

You don’t have to personally forgive every person who harmed you or who was responsible for the trauma. This is not about you telling them that you forgive them, it is about you experiencing it within yourself, for yourself.

Forgiveness is a big step. Not a step to be taken lightly. When you are ready, you can use my Forgiveness sessions and start on your journey at your own pace.

Each time you use the forgiveness session you can focus it onto a different person, situation and finally on yourself. Forgiving yourself is the biggest and most rewarding thing you will ever do.
Some people say that forgiving yourself is the hardest person to forgive. I am sure you understand why some people feel this way. If you do the session for forgiveness you may find that it is really refreshing and enlightening and allows you to have a sense of freedom that you never imagined is possible!

When you are ready, the session is here for you.

"Open Heart Forgiveness"- Download

With love,


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Deep Sleep, Focus and Accomplishment

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