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What people are saying when they use the Zen of Thin

Thank you for these wonderful letters. I am so very grateful to be able to help! Bless you all on this journey of health and happiness. With Heartfelt thanks, Wendi

I'm having like major success with this. At first I thought it was alot of money but is soooo worth it. I've lost 20 pounds now. I don't want to eat junk food and I want to drink water all the time. I only wish I would have bought these about a year or so ago but I just was a skeptic about hypnosis.
I've wasted so much money on gimmicks that don't work. I'm sure others feel the same way.
Great to hear from you!!

Hi Again Wendi
I just wanted to let you know that firstly, I received your Weight Release CDs and have lost 8 pounds in the first week! I can't thank you enough, and I look forward to the results the next few months should bring.
Aimee - New York City

Loved the weight loss one; lost 24 pounds so far in 6weeks; easy...
Sue Vit

Wendi, I ordered the tapes in hopes of help for weight loss, it seemed that all of the sudden I had been putting on weight for no reason at all. I was confused, depressed and disgusted with myself. the weight gain was completely out of my control...

But, when the tapes came in the mail...I was still excited and decided to go ahead and listen to them. I am a mother of 5 children at home....three of whom are mine, 2 I have adopted. Needless to say the stress levels are high. I couldn't sleep, had forgotten what it was like to have ME time.....and I was feeling like a million little monsters was running around inside of me.
After listening to Wendi's stress relief tapes, that were included in my package....I noticed a difference in my attitude almost immediately! Now, after listening to her tapes for months......I sleep all night long....I'm smiling again, and my children have noticed how much more relaxed and at peace I've become.

I'm thankful for this opportunity to thank her!! She has enabled me to deal with the problems that are in my every day life with a smile and serenity. Thank you Wendi!!! I recommend your tapes to anyone who asks! Sincerely, Julie

Dear Wendi,
I have been wanting to write you for few days now because I am so thrilled with the Weight Release program. I have been struggling with over-eating issues for far too long. Even though I exercise daily and well, I have still been battling with overweight issues to the point that I have become a real "expert at weight loss" only to face what seemed like and endless struggle to "do what I know". The "In Control" was the key to synchronizing my subconscious with my very conscious desire to simply and effortlessly "do the right thing" by eating right amounts of the health foods I've always loved. In just 2 1/2 weeks using your program I have released 11 very stubborn pounds and ended my food addiction, caffeine addiction and sugar addiction. I now quite naturally choose to eat smaller meals, they are largely based on healthy fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, lean healthy proteins, whole grains and nuts. I cannot say enough good things about the ease and speed in which my subconscious and conscious minds have been harnessed to meet my strong desire to have a strong, lean and healthy body. I use the program at night and again in the morning when I awaken. I love it.

I recently have been recovering from a couple of knee operations and had been healing slowly until I bought and tried your CD on healing. Like the Weight Release program the results have been spectacular. My pain is significantly reduced and everyday is better than the day before. I'm walking better and feeling better in less than a week of using that program.

Thanks for well designed and crafted programs.
Bob McComb

Wendi- You know you continue to impress me with your honesty. This is so rare and hard to find now days. Thank you for everything that you have done for me. I have only had the weight loss CDs for about a month. I have already lost over 17 lbs. Thank you for giving me a new beginning. Terri

Thanks for the update. I ordered the Weight loss CDs before Dateline aired and was pleased with what they reported. I have noticed a great difference in what I choose to eat and more importantly how I think about lots of things. It has also helped me deal with frustrations with my kids and my whole outlook on things has changed. The positive self talking has had a great impact. I didn't realize how much negative self talk I used. So far so good! My husband has been listening with me but he often falls asleep and snores so we might have to go to headphones. Thanks, Kathleen

Wow. I have already "released" 30 pounds with the help of your CD program. I guess I am surprised a little because it really doesn't feel like dieting- and I really do love to work out. I can't wait to get to the gym now. Before this I had every excuse in the book. Thank you, thank you.
Jim - Dallas, Texas

I first met Wendi Friesen on the Internet at her webinars. During the webinars she would teach different methods on how to succeed at releasing the weight and then do hypnosis sessions to help you make the changes. I began to eat healthier and exercise daily which made it so easy to release the weight but exercising also helped to release stress so I felt better body and mind.

I had released a total of 40 pounds in a few months but then just got stuck. No matter what I did the weight just stayed the same. Knowing how simple it was to release the weight with hypnosis I purchased her Weight Release program in August, and have since released another 25 pounds and look forward to releasing more. Her program not only changed the way I think about myself but has changed the well being of my family by changing bad habits in the way healthy food has replaced junk food.

Wendi is an angel in disguise and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for all of her help in releasing the weight. It is so easy and enjoyable to listen to her program on releasing the weight with self-hypnosis.

Donna Martin

Dear Wendi; My husband bought me the set of CD's at my request as a birthday present! I had read an article about the success of hypnosis with dieting and truly wanted to experience the seemingly effortless and dramatic weight loss the participants demonstrated.

In my enthusiasm with the different sets of CD's, I have listened to the Confidence Builder , Change your mind, Change your life, Hypnosis for Magnetism, as well as the Weight Release and the Appetite Zapper. --all this in the past three weeks! I know it is probably too much at once, but I am fairly motivated.

My most dramatic change has been in my desire for health and fitness as opposed to simply weight loss. I really do want to work out every day. My weight has dropped a few pounds and I didn't add any "spread" from Thanksgiving . -I was 165 pounds when I started the tape series, I am now 155 and expect to be in my "thin clothes" soon. My plan is get down to 130. I exercise every day-at least a 20 minute walk, but on my days off I walk and jog 3.5 to 4 miles.

In addition, I have a home business and unexpectedly added two members to my network team. I did listen to the Magnetism CD's as well....I do not think it is coincidence! I will report more dramatic results as I continue- I am a work in progress. Thank you for this exciting opportunity and thank you for these amazing tapes!.
Christine - Cocoa, Florida

Hi, I just want to let you know that I have lost 42 lbs and counting in the last three months (My starting weight was 296 and yesterday the scales tipped 254). My colleagues in the office have really noticed. I am using the tapes and the Atkins diet as the disciplines to achieve the results and feel the CD's have been very useful in achieving and supporting my goals. There has been a definite change in my self talk and I seem to have a quiet but newfound confidence to stay the course .I can say that I hit a plateau at the thirty pound threshold and used the tapes again and then achieved another 10 lb breakthrough. Thanks for your support. The story continues. You will see less of me in the future! :)  Stan

Hi Wendi,

I wrote you back in June about having trouble with breathing due to an illness called COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and you suggested I try the Body Mastery program which has helped me very much. With my breathing under better control and not having to take the steroids as much as I use to I had released 40 pounds this year so far but then was stuck in a rut in July. I started releasing weight after coming to your seminars you had on weight release at the beginning of the year. I then purchased the weight release program and have since lost another 20 pounds since August and am still releasing. My family doctor had nothing but praise when I saw him recently. I could not have done it without you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you and take care,

Wendi, I received the Weight Release CD's just before the holidays, I really felt I needed the extra encouragement to help me not to eat so much. You see for the longest time I've always been the first one to finish my meal and I go back for seconds or thirds, I hated to exercise, and I've always had to struggle with my weight. About a year ago I lost 30 pounds by joining Weight Watchers. Unfortunately once I reached my (almost) goal weight, and I became satisfied with myself (for the first time ever) – I stayed on track for a few months and then would relapse into my old habits…thus gaining some of the weight back. I ordered the Weight Release CD's because I had watched the Dateline show about weight loss programs and was inspired to give hypnosis a try.

So I've listening to the tapes for less than a month – every night before I go to bed and sometimes during the day if I feel I need to relax and refocus. I've found that I can pass up the holiday treats at the office without a second glance. My portions and how fast I've been eating has reduced as well. I've also found that I crave vegetables and I drink about 10 + glasses of water a day. Oh! And the most amazing thing is that I love to exercise now….I love the feeling of my body doing something….Pilates, step aerobics, whatever! It's all so much fun and I feel so great afterwards. I do the deep breathing multiple times a day and I really feel at peace after just 3 deep breaths. When I listen to the CD's at night I put one in a stereo in my bedroom, and even my husband seeing amazing things happen. Instead of eating a burger every day for lunch, he's started craving wholesome food like sandwiches and salads.

So far I've lost 5+ pounds – which I'm really happy with, but I've really gained what I wanted to with these CD's – the ability to control what and how I eat. Thank you Wendi! Danielle Doty

Try Appetite Zapper- Stop Cravings and Love to Exercise

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