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If you saw the show, The Weight Loss Challenge... or if you didn't here are my thoughts and some of the results.

datelineThe recent show on Dateline showed the use of several diet programs. As usual, Dateline did an excellent job in showing REAL PEOPLE going through the different diet programs.
The results? Read on...
One of the participants used hypnosis for his weight loss plan.
---> After only one week using hypnosis... ready for this?
Marc lost 13 pounds!

Here is an overview. For the complete article on the NEW SHOW (January 4) Dateline site,click here.
For the previous dateline show article click here
I would like to thank Dateline for doing a wonderful job on exposing hypnosis and hypnotherapy to the public. They have high standards and have done an excellent job. They had a show on hypnosis for childbirth as well, that showed the pregnant moms using hypnosis for a peaceful birth.

Lynne chose the extreme exercise. At the start she can half-walk, half-jog two miles. She put herself on a daily 1,300-calorie diet. She wants to run in the Maui Marathon in Hawaii this September.
But despite all her exercise, her weight doesn't change in the first three months on the program.

The athlete, Mark, is 230 pounds. Mark "Gio" wants to lose 35 pounds. He had been in good shape most of his life until a back injury immobilized him and caused him to gain weight.
He chose the Slim Fast diet, because it would be easy.
One week on Slim Fast and Gio is up three pounds.

Kathy wants to take off 40 pounds. Kathy did try Weight Watchers, since she has done it before with some success.
She counts her points, stays under 20 a day.
Kathy says "I lost 4.8 pounds, and I was disappointed because I starved all week."

Marc is 245 pounds. He wants to lose 50 pounds. If you remember watching the show you know he is a pastry chef, loves food, surrounded by sweets.
Marc says he had developed poor eating habits.
Marc decided to try hypnosis. At his first hypnosis session Marc does a visualization going up an imaginary flight of stairs to get into trance.. The hypnosis then uses suggestions and helps him want to workout and eat nutritious foods.

When I saw the show, I remember his saying he envisioned something about the "fire coming out of his belly". Our minds often use a metaphor to represent the releasing of emotional issues, old habits, anger and such. When your mind has a method to release the issues and conflicts, even if it is a metaphor things change quickly.
After one week using hypnosis, are you ready?
Marc lost 13 pounds.

Eleanor is 300 pounds. She has never been thin. She used the workout program "Eight Minutes in the Morning," with coach Jorge Cruise, who created the program. He has a great program- worth taking a look at.
Eight minutes of strength training every day, and he also does work to help with the emotional eating.
Eleanor lost three pounds this week.

Rick is going to do the Atkins diet, the famous, low-carbohydrate diet.

He started exercising. Some of the problems he had included headaches and constipation due to not getting enough vegetables and salad.
Rick's lost 13 pounds on Atkins.
As for the others:
13 pounds lost under hypnosis,
4.5 pounds lost on Weight Watchers,
3 pounds lost with a personal coach,
no change with extreme exercise
3 pounds up with Slim Fast.

The most interesting thing to me is that the guy who used hypnosis is HAPPY. He feels good and it is happening naturally.

Three weeks into Slim Fast diet, the dieter says he is starving.
He says, I'm hungry. I'm hungry most of the day.... I'm still going to bed hungry and waking up hungry. Not a great way to diet. Too much pain if you ask me.

The marathon training at 1,300 calories a day is not going well. She is not losing any weight. If I remember right she is running over 10 miles a day.

Kathy lost 18 pounds after 3 months..
One participant said that this may be painful at times. Being healthy should not be painful. It should feel good and let you be excited about your progress.

The 8 minutes in the morning plan did great.
Eleanor has lost exactly 24 pounds. It could be due in part to the work that Jorge does with emotional eating.

And best of all Marc is very happy with the hypnotist.
He is motivated, and says he can't be held back. He loves to exercise, and been eating healthy, nutritious food because he wants to, not because he has to.
He says all he wants is healthy food. Imagine if you wanted to have healthy foods for your lunch -black bean burger, asparagus and a salad.
After only three months under hypnosis, he has lost the most so far, 40 pounds.

Rick on the Atkins diet. On the show he says he was limping and suffering from painful gout.
He says this is the most painful attack he has had.

Lynne starts to eat more, 1,600 calories a day.. After three months of heavy exercise, she can now run 12 miles without stopping and Lynne is down 14 pounds. That is sure a lot of running for only 14 pounds if you ask me! I am sure she is in better shape... but...

Kathy and her weight watchers plan is going OK, but she is deprived I think
On the show she mentioned that she is saving up her points by not eating food so she can have ONE glass of wine. Ugh.

The pastry chef lost the second-most — 40 of his 50-pound goal — with the help of hypnosis.

Many of you who saw the show saw the interesting results. The best part is that Dateline did a fair and educated study on the different methods. Hypnosis was again shown to be very effective and get results quickly, but more than that to help people feel better fast. We hypnotists have known this and now more people are shown the real uses of hypnosis to help direct your inner mind to feel good and be healthy! What could be better.

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