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Stop your cravings,
love to exercise. Get this Zen of Thin set now.
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The Weight Release CD Audio package

Frustrated with your dieting efforts?

There is a good reason
that Wendi's Weight Release is the number 1 best selling Hypno Diet program in the world!

Tried everything?
Do you eat more food every time you think about going on a diet? Are you bingeing, and sabotaging yourself at every turn?


The Weight Release CD audio course.

Weight Release is a proven Hypnotherapy method for weight loss. This 4 CD set includes eight different sessions.
- Love to exercise
- Power of Thought
- Body Sculpting
- Parts Therapy
- Set Point release
- Metabolism Increase
- In Control
- Wisdom Light

I Deserve This!

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-$89.90 $49.90 with a
One Year Satisfaction Guarantee

You need this.

Learn to be thin from the inside out. Hypnosis will find and release the causes of your issues with weight.

And what about keeping it off? I have the solution. Hypnosis changes the deepest core issues with food, permanently. You will be thin- within!

Eight Hypnotherapy sessions on this CD set.

FINALLY! Hypnosis that really attacks the cause of emotional eating habits. These eight sessions will release cravings, create a belief that you have what it
takes to succeed and put YOU in control of your eating.

These Hypnosis sessions raise your metabolism, burn body fat, even switches "on" the fullness switch sooner.

Includes the very popular sessions, "LOVE TO EXERCISE" and "IN CONTROL".

Wendi, I received the Weight Release CD's just before the holidays, I really felt I needed the extra encouragement to help me not to eat so much. You see for the longest time I've always been the first one to finish my meal and I go back for seconds or thirds, I hated to exercise, and I've always had to struggle with my weight. About a year ago I lost 30 pounds by joining Weight Watchers. Unfortunately once I reached my (almost) goal weight, and I became satisfied with myself (for the first time ever) – I stayed on track for a few months and then would relapse into my old habits…thus gaining some of the weight back. I ordered the Weight Release CD's because I had watched the Dateline show about weight loss programs and was inspired to give hypnosis a try.

So I've listening to the tapes for less than a month – every night before I go to bed and sometimes during the day if I feel I need to relax and refocus. I've found that I can pass up the holiday treats at the office without a second glance. My portions and how fast I've been eating has reduced as well. I've also found that I crave vegetables and I drink about 10 + glasses of water a day. Oh! And the most amazing thing is that I love to exercise now….I love the feeling of my body doing something….Pilates, step aerobics, whatever! It's all so much fun and I feel so great afterwards. I do the deep breathing multiple times a day and I really feel at peace after just 3 deep breaths. When I listen to the CD's at night I put one in a stereo in my bedroom, and even my husband seeing amazing things happen. Instead of eating a burger every day for lunch, he's started craving wholesome food like sandwiches and salads.

So far I've lost 5+ pounds – which I'm really happy with, but I've really gained what I wanted to with these CD's – the ability to control what and how I eat. Thank you Wendi! Danielle Doty

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Add the Weight Release package to your cart! 
-$89.90 $49.90 with a
with a One Year Satisfaction Guarantee


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