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Powerful, professional videos that teach you step by step how to learn hypnosis, hypnotherapy and stage hypnosis.
Funny, fascinating and brilliantly edited.
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NEW !!!
Hypno Mojo
Entrancing images, hypnotic voice, and your imagination will help you raise your libido at any age, end impotence, and make you an outstanding lover.Click here to see more.

NEW !!!
How To Hypnotize Anyone Seminar
3 day Live Seminar on DVDs will teach you the art of hypnosis. This live seminar has been edited from 20 hours down to 12 hours, to give you the most important content, in a fast paced way. Click here to see more.

How To Hypnotize Anyone!
A two hour video of inductions, suggestions, secrets, for the beginner to advanced. Rapid induction, Elman Induction, groups inductions and more. Click here to see more.

Stage Hypnosis
Four shows from Wendi that will make you laugh till you cry. The Queen Latifah show, Laughs Unlimited show, Frat boys, and a convention. Hilarious! Great for entertainment or for learning how to do stage hypnosis.
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Advanced Techniques of Hypnosis.
Learn from the expert. Wendi will teach you the powerful techniques of Timeline therapy, Ideomotor responses, Langauge Patterns, Parts/ego state therapy, and more. Become a great Hypnotherapist with these easy to master methods. Two hours.
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Zen of Thin
The most comprehensive and powerful hypnosis for weight loss program in existence. Twelve hypnosis sessions that will stop the hunger and cravings, stop emotional eating, burn fat faster and make you love to exercise. You will even stop carb cravings in just 20 minutes. Click to learn more

Hypnosis for Childbirth
A hypnobirth is gentle, peaceful and quiet. You may have seen Hypnobirthing on Dateline and realize how powerful this is for making labor pains dissolve. Contractions become only pressure, you are alert and wide awake and smiling.
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EFT training video
Also called Emotional Freedom Technique. This is the energy tapping method from Thought Field Therapy that works fast and brings rapid change for most physical and emotional issues. Great for pain, fears, depression, anger, ailments... and so much more.
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The BIG O!
It`s Here!
Yes, after a lot of begging on your part, Wendi has finally filmed the hypnotic orgasm. A real example of a girl having not one, but several orgasms with only hypnosis. Hear her interview as well. This segment is the same one that was filmed for Showtime.
After you cool down from watching, learn the actual technique to make a hypnotic orgasm happen anywhere, anytime. Is is really possible? Find out. This will amaze you.
Also see Wendi do the hypnotic pleasure session with an entire group as she takes them to their Den of Desire. You will never look at the back of your hand the same...
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How to Spot a Liar.
Never be lied to again when you learn to spot the body language signals that are a dead give away for truth and lies. Deception has never been easier to spot. Watch real people telling lies and then spot the signals that show they are lying. This is an amazing video, and I am not lying. Click here for more.

Money Magnet Seminar
Wendi's most popular seminar on DVD. Six hours filmed live in London, exploring the issues of your core fears and conflicts with money. Hypnotically discover your fears, sabotage, learn the art of manifesting, the psychic energy of money and much more. The Financial Times reporter attended this seminar and did an article on Wendi. Find out why- click now

Self Hypnosis 1~ Mastery!
Two hours of great ways to use self hypnosis on yourself to make your life a better place. Learn special self hypnosis techniques to train your brain to go into deep trance at YOUR command, give suggestions, overcome fears, stop pain and more. Click here to learn about this video.

Self Hypnosis 2~
The Power Within

Two hours of advanced methods of self hypnosis that you can use to create better health, attract wealth, be smarter and happier. There are so many great techniques on this video, you will probably won't believe how lucky you are to be viewing it. Click here for more details.


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