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Powerful, professional videos that teach you step by step how to learn hypnosis, hypnotherapy and stage hypnosis.

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What is it?
It is all about the hypnotic orgasm. Interested? I knew you would be.


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Can the mind recreate a real orgasm with just one simple word?

Can your voice trigger a woman's desire so deeply that she has waves of pleasure?

The hypnotic orgasm video will make you think, make you wonder, and make you squirm

Peek in on a private session, as Wendi demonstrates the hypnotic orgasm over and over :) and over.

Next- see Wendi perform the Hypno Pleasure induction on an entire group

See them breathe, see them moan, watch them try to hide their obvious pleasure


See a real hypnotic orgasm that uses only a touch on the back of the hand to create massive waves of pleasure, and yes, several real orgasms. This footage was originally filmed for Showtime and the cameramen and sound crew were all present. Interesting, huh?

You will also see the method explained in great detail (I get hot just typing about it) and learn how you can create an anchor that will trigger a hypnotic orgasm in your lover, partner, friend... or soon to be friend. You will be very popular, I guarantee it. What a great way to make friends.

Nothing else comes close... no other video probes more deeply... nothing else penetrates the mind in such a deep and provoking way.

When this video is offered for sale it will include the script for the induction of desire, the orgasm scripts, and the interactive CD session, Hypnotize Your Lover.
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This footage was filmed for a Showtime special, with the cameramen and crew in the room! We were all quite impressed at the power of hypnosis and the ability to create an orgasm with only a word and a touch. We all got a bit hypnotized that day. The back of her hand will never be the same.

A powerful anchor is set on the back of the hand. This anchor is a combination of specific states of mind for desire, hunger, arousal and certain specific memories of sexual desire and orgasm.

On this video, Wendi demonstrates this technique on a group of 50 eager participants. They used tiny circular motions on each others hands while muttering sweet nothings.
Oh mama mama mama.

If this room is rockin, dont bother knockin.

Wendi has one girl on each hand... would that be considered multiple Os?
Deeper girls... deeper!
You will see it in action-
the hypnotic orgasm (for real),
the interview with the girls,
the group method,
the technique being taught and explained step by painstaking step... and then....

You will see how this could work just about anywhere... at your office, in a restaurant, during a quiet moment at home... imagine the possibilities!
This willing volunteer sat through lunch while her eyes rolled back in her head.

Ill have what she is having! (for all you When Harry Met Sally fans)

Now YOU can have what she is having.
Ready? Almost there? Let me help you desire this more deeply.

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The price of the DVD- $69
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You also receive, Free gift
The Interactive Hypnosis induction for desire on CD
The Magnetism Hypnosis session on CD.
The ebook (on CD) of Hypnotize Your Lover, all 300 juicy pages (none of which stick together)

A $117 value for only $69!


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