Where In The World Is Wendi?

Itʼs a World Wide Search and
you can win the grand prize of
$1000 in cash.

March 11- 25th.
Videos from Wendiʼs secret

Can you find her? Sheʼs on the
run, reporting back with only
clues to her location.

New hypnotic sessions for you
that are inspired by the winds of
change of the worldly wonders.

Several days a week you will get
an email with a link to a clue. If
you are the first to answer
correctly you win the daily
prizes, all valued over $100.

Gather all the clues and you can
be a finalist for the $1000 prize.

Watch the Video, Find the Clue.
Enter your Best Guess in the comments for the daily contest.

Win a $1000 Grand Prize

Clues to her whereabouts will take you to her secret locations. The first 10 correct answers each day will enter the Grand Prize Contest!

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