Can You Stop Your Bad Temper and Feel Peaceful?

This will do the job? Let go of the anger today

Chill Out
End your Anger and Find your bliss.

Are you angry at the drop of a hat?

Do you lose your temper easily and regret it later

Are you feeling turmoil inside because stress and a short fuse?

Time for a major readjustment and the end to anger and impatience! 

Stop the patterns that make you angry and learn to create a positive and understanding nature when face with challenges. 

An extraordinary experience into the causes of anger and the release of the triggers.

If you have not yet experienced the blissful, peace of mind you can have when you let go of anger and judgment, now may be the perfect time.

You really can become patient from the inside, let go of the things that used to make you angry, and enjoy your relationships a heck of a lot more. Let the melting of your bad mood commence.

I can transform you into an angel with the patience of a saint. I really will help you let go of memories that used to make you mad. You will be amazed. Truly, honestly. 

Who am I? Why is my program so effective?

I am Wendi Friesen, and I have discovered a unique and dramatic way to reprogram the patterns in the subconscious mind. Radical? You bet. This mutli-layered approach will move you in the direction you want to go, NOT just help you manage your weakness. 

You will permanently cement the emotional strength that will make you easily realize that you can simply relax. You will simply be a non stresser, someone who is now chilled out. It's that simple!

How can it work if it is so simple?
You will do the work that restructures the way your brain reacts to triggers. You will stop the regular patterns in your subconscious mind. You will create layers of values that determine who you are NOW, that support the absolute belief that you can relax easily.

1 Conscious Creation

A very unique double induction process that will help you start your day. You will train your mind to see the good in things, create the feelings you want and learn to talk to yourself in a positive way.

2 No More Anger

You will not be triggered by the things that used to make you angry. This session will help you to step back, in your mind, and feel a sense of understanding and detachment about the situations that made you angry. You will notice that you have a sense of ease when you are facing a difficult situation. 

3 Anger into Power

Never lose control! Remain effective, sharp, focused and in control of your emotions in situations that make you angry. You won't lose your temper, you will become more powerful and effective in communicating what you want and need.

4 Bullet Proof - Manipulation Protection
Have the power to stand up to those who try to manipulate you. You will intuitively detect a manipulator and remain focused and unaffected. Stop those who try to intimidate you by your strong presence! 

5 Release Negative Anchors
Negative emotions are connected to many things in our environment. Sometimes things are making you angry and you don't know why.
You aren't responding to the present moment but instead to an anchor that represents the past. Find and release the emotions and replace with a positive emotion. Powerful session!   

6 Depression Buster Intro

7 Depression Buster
You can feel good again by creating the ideal brain chemistry for mental health. This CD will work with your unconscious mind to release the attitudes that can cause depression. It will also work to increase the cellular communication necessary to build your ideal chemical ratio for feeling well.

Michael has found his bliss...

“Dear Wendi -Wendi's voice is truly that of an angel, soft and soothing, mixing well with her choice of relaxation music lulling you into a deep natural state of trance. It IS SO EASY to allow yourself to relax and go deeper the more you listen to her voice. All you have to do is really sit or lay back in a comfortable place and allow yourself to relax and listen to her angelic voice create powerful changes with in you. Everyone from time to time needs a bit of a push and some help in certain areas. I know I did and I am glad that Wendi is around to help. -Michael Lennon C.Ht”


What is in this program for you?

You are just one step away from being a peaceful warrior

    1. All About The Chill Out

    1. Conscious Creation

    1. No More Anger

    1. Anger Into Power

    1. Bullet Proof - Manipulation Protection

    1. Release Negative Anchors

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You know you want this...

You deserve to let go and feel the peace and find your bliss