A Collection Of Healing Happiness and Harmony

Take a nice deep breath... and let's go deep

SIX Amazingly Blissful Hypnotherapy Sessions for only $39.90!

A $90 Value!!

Each of these audio sessions has a beautiful blissful nature, to increase your sense of calm and create a natural state bliss.

Let go of stress, feel the tension melt away, release confusion.
Listen to any one of these and instantly restore a very peaceful state of mind.

Healing Garden
A spiritual journey to a garden of bliss.

Are you ready to heal your body and mind ?

Do you want to totally release the stress that is making you sick?

First, you will listen to a full length session that will take you into a beautiful garden where your healing session begins.

You will teach your body and mind to go into trance quickly as you are surrounded by the serenity of this garden.

Everything in this garden is for you. It is your sacred place.

Next you will create an instant healing state for your mind and body. In this state your body will be instructed on using a trigger to go back into this healing state any time you choose.

Experience the rapid healing sessions. There is a 3 minute and a 5 minutes healing session that you can use when you just need a quick moment of bliss.

The quick infusion sessions will help you stop whatever is happening around you, create a strong and healthy state of mind, and give you peace and serenity almost instantly.

The sessions include the full length garden of bliss, a 5 minute fast healing session, a 3 minute instant healing session, and a healing temple with hands of light.


Joe Vitale introduced us to the Hawaiian healing ritual that creates miraculous shifts in our awareness and has produced unexplainable healing.

While I was in Hawaii with my retreat group we had a day of my Ho'oponopono. We use the phrases while in trance, and applies these phrases to events, people and experiences.

Experience it now!

Don't take this trance session lightly. If you were in Hawaii with me and experienced the true power of these phrases you know what I am talking about.
If you have not yet experienced it with me, think about this.

What if you listen to this and it actually does heal your emotional wounds?
How would you feel if suddenly a weight is lifted and you come out of your depression?
If you are struggling with physical pain or illness, would you be open to accepting a miraculous healing as a result of the power of these three phrases as they are applied to your past, present and future?

I don't know why, but these phrases do have power.

The morning I sat down to record this, I was deeply and profoundly moved. It was probably the most profound session I have recorded.

When I did the Ho'oponopono on my live show there were hundreds of people with tears streaming down their face.
Because sometimes we just don't know how to let go, forgive, acknowledge or express the meaning of "I Love You".

Now you can experience this for yourself. Feel light, happy and free!

Tree Of Life

1. Begin with the Hypnotic Meditation that brings you to a place of inner silence.
2. LIsten to your "Tree of Life"
3. Listen to it, undisturbed... and feel the message move you.

This is an experience that might make your day a little better, your outlook more positive and give you a constant feeling of strength.

If you are ready to embody the TREE OF LIFE, just know that everything you are about to experience is going to give you a new energy, a powerful and content feeling, end your fears and give you a new connection with nature, people, community and keep you grounded in love.

As you close your eyes and listen, the Tree of Life will connect you with a renewed strength.
Any time, any place, at any moment where you need to remember that you are all that the Tree of Life represents.

Your mind, soul and body will connect with the strength of the sturdy trunk and the roots that reach into the energy of the earth.

Your heart will feel the pulse of the life of nature, the deep wisdom of renewal and the gift that you receive from the sun, the breeze and the rain.

Your soul will feel gratitude for what you give as you nourish your budding leaves of change. You connect with your purpose as you feel all that the Tree of Life represents for you.

The meaning of your Tree of Life will be gently pulsing through you with every breath you breathe.

Find strength when you need it. Connect with the earth's energy.

Feel the depth of your love and you find meaning in the enduring Tree of Life energy.

Renew your hope, dreams and growth as your awareness of the seasons in your life bring renewal.

The hypnotic meditation will guide you through a powerful and lasting change that rests deep in your soul.

THE BRACELET- You can order the TREE OF LIFE Bracelet that I mention during this session.
Wear the bracelet, and when you touch it, you instantly reconnect with what you are, what you believe and how you love the strength you have to be alive, energized and powerful. You feel it.

The Hypnotic Message in your Tree of Life

As you listen to the hypnosis session, you enter a meditative state where you allow your inner mind to settle into a state of exploration.
You will be guided to experience a unique hypnosis session that puts you INTO the Tree of Life and give you an experience unlike anything you have ever imagined. And that is the start of something that might just change you.

I Am Love

Hypnosis Audio for Profound Self Love

When you think about yourself, what do you really think about?
Do you say things to your body like "I am so clumsy" or when you make a mistake do you say "I am so stupid"?
Maybe you don't like parts of your body, and you say "I hate my thighs" or "my feet are so ugly".
Do you send messages of hate or love to your body, or get mad at your body when something goes wrong?

It's all about to change!

This powerful hypnotic session is a head to toe love fest.
Starting at the top of your head we will travel through your body, mind, soul and bless and love each part of your body.

From the top of your head to the tips of your toes...
from inside of every organ...
expanding all your senses...
to the the miraculous bones and joints...
to your heart and soul...
you will send a deep and lasting message of love.

This session is about 40 minutes. It is a profound experience that will change how your experience your mind and body and change how others feel around you. Your energy will change as you share the unconscious message of love and honor of your beautiful body with others.

You will emerge feeling a peaceful sense of awe and gratitude for all the ways that your body serves you every minute of every day.

Walk In The Woods

Take a Walk with me!
This is an amazing metaphorical analysis of what you need to pay attention to in your life.

We are always on the path, going somewhere, learning something. The path is usually random and the lessons may be rather obscure. Most of us don't step out onto our path every day with a focused intention.

The Walk in the Forest is a beautiful and revealing hypnosis session to ask your mind what needs attention and what change you are most in need of now.

When I made this session I had chills. The experience of the forest was very illuminating and inspiring for me. I felt very loved and healed and content at the end. Each time you use this you will have a new experience, a new lesson and a new healing.
I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Be sure to do this session at a time when you are aware and engaged so you can appreciate the entire experience and take the memory of it with you.

-----No falling asleep during the session!
At the end, I left it up to you to emerge or continue to meditate.

All You Need Is Love

Having trouble with self love?
Is your self esteem at an all time low?
Are you shy or scared to interact with people?

This program is a Self Love Fest!

When you listen to this , you will be loving yourself like never before.

Sometimes we are way too hard on ourselves and we look in the mirror and think negative thoughts, or get mad at our body for having pain or being unhealthy, or blame ourselves for things we are not good at.

When you love and accept yourself, others will love being around you more and you will feel lighter and happier throughout the day.

Some people find it easy to love others, or give them compliments, but are unable to accept compliments. If you don’t feel lovable or worthy, you might find it difficult to accept the goodness of others.

This program has 3 sessions that are ready to rock your world, from the inside.

Health- do you hate your body for being fat, or having pain, or problems with digestion or other illnesses?
Start loving that body of yours, in whatever condition it is in right now, and appreciate everything your body does well. Sending anger and hate to your cells is not doing you a bit of good. Time for a change, don’t you agree?

Power- what are you good at? I bet you can name a lot of things you are bad at and can always check in with your failures and shortcomings. Time for some appreciation for the things that you are really excellent at and time to have some self love for your very unique and wondrous self.

None of us are perfect, but if we can take a moment to find our strengths, it will make others see us with more respect and we can be an inspiration.

Sex- here’s where it gets good. Loving yourself deeply for the amazing sexual desire that you have is a very good thing. No more holding back. No more worrying about your sexual prowess… time to love what you are capable of and get more curious about what you might discover if you really love your sexual self.
Enjoy this one! It is warm and juicy!

Get ready to melt into a puddle of bliss

Take a deep breath.... aaaahhh....

  • Stressed? Frustrated? Angry?

    These sessions will help you heal your inner conflicts and issues. Each session has a specific purpose to help you release the deep issues, and create a beautiful self love and contentment.

  • Have you ever felt bliss?

    We talk about the state of bliss, and we are searching for bliss. But have you every really felt it? When you relax, do you really relax or is your brain going fast, bombarding you with intrusive thoughts? Come on over here... let me show you what bliss really is.

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Instant Trance - Conditioning

    3. Five Minute Healing

    4. Three Minute Healing

    5. Healing Garden - Garden Of Bliss

    1. Ho'oponopono

    1. Tree Of life

    1. I Am Love

    1. Walk In The Woods

    1. Health

    2. Power

    3. Sex

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