Course curriculum

  • 1

    Part 1 - Getting Started as a Trainer

    • Instruction list for trainees

    • Video Class Day 1

    • Class 1 Notes- Print out so you can add notes to them

    • PDF Training Manual

    • Client Workbook

    • Client Brochure for Addiction Freedom

    • Brochure for Trainees

    • Welcome! Let's change the way the world treats addiction!

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    Video Class Day 2

    • Video Class Day 2

    • Day 2 Notes PDF

  • 3

    Video Class Day 3

    • Video Class Day 3

    • AF class notes #3

  • 4

    Video Class Day 4

    • Video Class Day 4

    • Class 4 Notes

  • 5

    Video Class Day 5

    • Video Class Day 5

    • Class #5 notes

  • 6

    Mastermind Meeting Recordings

    • Mastermind and Marketing Meetings

  • 7

    Slide Show Presentation for Groups

    • Notes for Slide Show

    • Slide show notes

  • 8

    Extra sessions and content

    • Forgiveness program

    • Release the Past- Audio

    • Release Negative Anchors

The Addiction Freedom Course

Become and Expert in Helping People End Their Struggle

The Most Powerful Transformation Tools in the World. A Focused and Rewarding approach to end the struggle with addiction... for life. The Addiction Project Because Willpower Doesn’t Work There are many paths to the top of the mountain. The addiction project presents an entirely new path in the treatment of addiction. We believe that the success rate for addicts can be increased substantially and that cravings and habitual thoughts can vanish within a very short time. The success is based on the experiences of thousands of successful addicts who become free from addiction and created a massive and permanent belief that they are strong, healthy and in control. This method makes sense for those who failed at the traditional 12 step approach and are ready for something more powerful. The Addiction Project is a great choice for those that want an alternative that creates power and absolute belief that you can lead a healthy life, without fear, doubt or struggle.

End the Struggle - Stop the Cravings - Create Power and Commitment

The core change happens in your belief and values

End the Struggle - Stop the Cravings - Create Power and Commitment. The Addiction Project This is a breakthrough in relapse prevention that uses a specific methodology to end the struggle of addiction. Based on science and research, this works. The brain of an addict reacts to beliefs, values and triggers. The subconscious processing in the brain is often completely ignored in most drug and alcohol rehab systems, and as a result the failure rate is often over 90%.

How does it work?

For over 20 years I have work with thousands of clients to end their struggle with addiction. I have attended many rehab centers meetings and I am horrified at what they are doing. Some are good, but most are horrible with a success rate of only 5-7%.
My Hypnotherapy work can be done live in person with clients, or by daily Zoom video meetings or by phone.

You will have everything you need to become the expert that people trust. 

This includes slide show presentations, brochures, business card template, marketing materials, and so much more. 

Join me!