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Two hours of awesome classes. 

Learn Parts Therapy

Timeline hypnosis and 

NLP basics

Language Patterns
Ideomotor response

Sharpen your skills. Expand your understanding of advanced techniques of NLP and hypnotherapy and become a much better hypnotist.

Ready to improve your hypnosis skills and techniques?

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Excellent uses of hypnotherapy for professionals and those in training to become a hypnotherapist. Learn the timeline technique, ideo motor responses, parts therapy, regression and more!

This is a most excellent resource for hypnotherapists. Wendi will go in depth to teach ideo motor responses and how to use the technique to create communication with the subconscious mind.

You will learn how to find the positive intention with parts therapy (secondary gain) and take a journey on a timeline to past issues.
Learn how to heal the issues of the past with the timeline therapy, then go into the future timeline to find resources and integrate them.

This video is intended for Hypnotherapists and NLP practitioners.
Anyone interested in learning more about hypnosis will enjoy this.
If you need basic instruction in creating trance states and mastering the basics, be sure to order the HOW TO HYPNOTIZE anyone video.

You are going to be amazing, you know?

Join me, let's be really great hypnotists!

  • Watch over and over

    To really grasp the training and have your skills feel natural, you should watch each section several times. These are the techniques that you MUST master and perform very well with your clients.

  • If you are new to hypnosis training...

    Start with the video course 'How To Hypnotize Anyone' or the 'Seminar Training Video' and then learn from this advanced course. Gaining a solid understanding of these advanced methods is the foundation for your awesomeness.

What will you learn in this course?

    1. A short hypnosis session to open your mind to learning

    1. Wendi Friesen-Advanced Techniques Of Hypnosis Intro

    2. Parts Therapy in Hypnosis

    1. Learning how to use ideomotor responses

    1. TimeLine Hypnotherapy and NLP method

    1. About Langauge Patterns

    2. Language Patterns

About this course

  • $29.90
  • 7 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content

It is a lot of training for a little price.

Sharpen your skills and confidence as a Hypnotherapist