NINE amazing brain soothing hypnosis sessions

A swirling trance state that you will like a lot.


Now with 9 Double voice sessions

Here they are!
All of my very popular double voice sessions, are now all in one place.

Starting with a double voice induction you will experience the sessions that will make you flirty and fun, ready to create your own reality, a person who really loves to get things done, and a calm and peaceful person.

The great thing about these double voice sessions is that they make your conscious mind stop trying to figure it all out, and your subconscious mind can apply the learning on a deeper level. Listen with headphones! You feel like you are getting a brain massage!

NOW you will get all double voice sessions in one package.

This are really mind expanding and take you on a blissful journey that you will want to experience every day of your life!

Normally, each session is $29.90. So this is a really great deal!

In this amazing Download you will get to experience the full length sessions for each of these topics.

Double voice induction- a very deep state of trance. Trippy!

Life Is Easy- Feel the depth of your ability to create the world and life you want and make it EASY!

Anger release- Be more patient and kind and let go of anger. Just listen and enjoy.

Mover and Shaker- How would it feel to be someone who gets things done fast?

Big Flirt- become irresistible, magnetic and playful. Time to flirt.

Manifest Everything- Become a super powered manifester

BulletProof- Stop Intimidation and feel confident and strong.

Get Thin- This has 2 sessions- Live To Eat, and Love To Move

Core Needs- Strong from the inside out.

Listen to these with headphones for the best effect. The voices will travel back and forth in your ears and will fill your brain with bliss. I know you will love this experience!

Check out all the topics you are getting.

    1. Food for Thought

    2. brain massage

    1. Manifest Intro

    2. Manifest Everything

    1. Bulletproof, stop intimidation

    1. Core Needs

    1. No More Anger- Chill Out

    1. Mover and Shaker

About this course

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  • 12 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content

Start now, so you can put on your headphones and go really deep.

It feels good. Trust me.