Find out how good it feels to get excited about making calls

Let go of fear, get motivated and create more successful calls

Fearless Cold Calling

Are you burned out on cold calling?

Is the rejection starting to wear on you?

Do you feel like giving up at times?

What if you actually enjoyed cold calling?

What if you actually started to like it and felt energized when you think about making new calls?

Imagine not only loving to cold call, but being great at it.

Once you listen to this Program you will not be able to even think about how painful it was before. Isn't it about time to get more appointments and make more money and really enjoy doing it?

After you experience the hypnosis for Fearless Cold Calling you will be a new person.

It is true. You will love to cold call and knock on doors!

Get excited about new prospects every day.

There are three powerful sessions on this hypnosis Download:

Fearless Cold Calling means you enjoy the challenge

You will become an enthusiastic expert at cold calls! Imagine what a relief to not dread it, but to start having an excitement and joy for calling new prospects.

Cold Call Genius State creates rapport and connection

Absorb the skills of someone you know who is an expert at cold calls. Develop the inner attitude that they have mastered to move you forward in your career. It is like putting yourself inside their mind and learning from a heightened state. Your mind will instinctively learn and adapt these qualities.

Instant Focus and Drive puts you into your power state, calm and ready

Put yourself in a power state of focus in just one minute. Imagine having a trigger that makes you calm and focused. You can use this any time you need a blast of power.

Bonus Session

Power Posture

Our confidence and our attitude is reflected in our posture. AND changing our posture changes our mindset and raises our confidence. 

This hypnosis session will give you great posture, stand up straight, head high, shoulders back!

Express the power that comes with great posture and shows an attitude of success. You will hypnotically create the posture of influence and mental toughness. Others will know that command attention and respect as a result of the way you walk, talk and move.

Simple to Use ~ Powerful Results

    1. Cold Calling

    2. Genius State

    3. Instant Focus and Drive

    4. Power Posture

About this course

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What will it be like for you?

Maybe you will feel excited, ready to take action, and make new goals

They Love It!

This changes everything

“ Wendi, I'm a part time entrepreneur who was doing cold calls on a half hour lunch break. I was so terrified that on those days where I actually worked up the nerve to pick up the phone at all, I was making only 3-5 calls. I listened to Wendi's hypnosis while drifting to sleep. After only 3 nights, suddenly I was making 10-12 calls in a half hour break! The change was amazing and I was actually enjoying it. Thank you, Michele" From Michele of Milton, Florida”