Blast Your Fears and Feel Fantastic

Confidence will affect every part of your life.


The most intensive Ultimate Confidence Hypnosis program.

My Confidence Power Pack. This package has some very intriguing and life changing hypnosis sessions that will help you stop being shy and uncomfortable and begin to feel that you can light up a room, be spontaneous and interesting. Everything you do in your life will be better if you are confident.

17 Sessions!

Core Confidence
You will blast through your fears, discover your worthiness, and feel confident in any situation

Parallel World
Meet the person you would be if you were raised by the best parent, in the best schools, with the people who were supportive and inspiring. All your qualities and talents are allowed to be fully realized on this alternate world. This one changed my life.

What to Say When You Talk to Yourself
Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. We put ourselves down, compare ourselves to others, reinforce our failures and beat ourselves up. I say it is time to be nicer to numero uno, your sweet little self.

Circle of Excellence
What you think, you become. You will teach your brain to experience your confident state as real, and then anchor this state. All of your best qualities will be amplified in this circle, then you will experience yourself in the situation where you want greater confidence. You can use this for just about any situation where you will need increased confidence.

Bullet Proof
A unique double induction that will put you into a deep trance and then create the power to stand up to those who try to manipulate you. You will intuitively detect a manipulator and remain focused and unaffected. Stop those who try to intimidate you by having a strong presence! The double induction includes voice layers and a unique left and right brain segment.

The Power Experience
Experience the world from the perspective of the most powerful person you know. Find out what it feels like to be one of the most important people in the world. Be comfortable with your tremendous sense of power.

Notice the drive and purpose that you have that comes with this ultimate power. Absorb it into your own world if it feels right for you. It was in you all the time.

Life of the Party
Have you ever wished you could be funnier, quick witted, and the life of the party?

Learn to let go and allow your true inner-magnetism to shine through. Being

able to shine in social situations can be good for business, good for finding a mate, and putting others at ease. Let your sense of humor come out and make you a happier person.

Become irresistible and confident and spontaneous. You will notice that other people just love to be around you. Your magnetism and charisma will get better every time you listen to this one!

Power Posture
Create the Posture of Confidence
Good Posture is not only good for your health, it is also tells how people respond to you. This CD will first help you to create your ideal posture. You will learn to unconsciously use your posture to project confidence and power.

Anger Into Excellence -

This hypnotherapy session will help you shift from anger to power. You will be more focused, and you will be able to channel this energy effectively. Not only is a state of anger debilitating, but holding onto anger is also very unhealthy. This will help you channel your anger into patience and power. Harness the energy that you normally feel as anger and use it to be more effective. You will be amazed by the difference.

Got Guts -

If you had the guts to do anything, what you would do? Do you wish you had the guts to do something new, or make a big change?
 Are You Ready to take charge and be powerful?
If fear, or logic, or rational thinking could be thrown out the window, what would you want to try? A new job, skydiving, a new sexual position, a radical life change?

Get ready for the adventure in your mind. Safely explore your adventurous nature and the desires that you have that have been waiting to be unleashed.

Cold Calling -

What if you actually enjoyed cold calling?  What if you actually started to like it and felt energized when you think about making new calls?

Imagine not only loving to cold call, but being great at it.

Once you listen to this Program you will not be able to even think about how painful it was before. Isn't it about time to get more appointments and make more money and really enjoy doing it?

After you experience the hypnosis for Fearless Cold Calling you will be a new person. It is true. You will love to cold call and knock on doors!

Cold Calling Genius State - Absorb the skills of someone you know who is an expert at cold calls. Develop the inner attitude that they have mastered to move you forward in your career. It is like putting yourself inside their mind and learning from a heightened state. Your mind will instinctively learn and adapt these qualities.

Instant focus and Drive - Put yourself in a power state of focus in just one minute. Imagine having a trigger that makes you calm and focused. You can use this any time you need a blast of power. 

Mover and Shaker -  

Have you ever watched a person who is influential and wondered how they have so much energy? They have a positive attitude, boundless energy, communicate in a way that gets to the point and they are effective in many areas. They get noticed! You can too.

Become a mover and shaker and shake up your world. While in hypnosis you will install these traits into your daily life and they will happen naturally and easily.
You will feel energized, excited and very confident about getting things done.

I love this session, it is really a great boost of power and focus! And the double voice technique is wonderfully relaxing.

Wake Up! - Confidence
If you have a big event, presentation, interview or a hot date, you will want to wake up to this amazing session. You're sleepy mind will absorb all the wonderful qualities of you being powerful, effective, spontaneous, natural and unstoppable! You won't be intimidate by anyone. Your powerful presence will be noticed by everyone.

Sleep - True for You- Core Confidence
Be strong, confident, powerful and effective. End intimidation as you discover what is true for you.

Does your fear ruin your life?

Are you avoiding doing the things you love?

  • How Painful Is It?

    Being shy, scared, insecure and timid really limits your life. It is a painful way to live. But, what if you don't have to live like this, and you can change it in a very short time? These Hypnotherapy session will amaze you, and let you find your true self.

  • Where Are You Lacking Confidence?

    Does your confidence plummet when you are going for an interview, giving a speech, in a meeting at work or when you are around someone who intimidates you? If you can create an inner power, that is strengthened by the new values and beliefs about being confident, your life will change.

  • Are You Too Scared To Go On A Date?

    Does the very thought of dating make you weak? Do you feel nervous about asking someone out, or taking the plunge to date? If so, you will focus your transformation on worthiness, charisma, happiness and be a natural and intriguing date.

  • Don't Wait!

    You don't need to spend another day being scare, insecure or unworthy. Each session in this program is going to blast you into a new reality. Yes, you will love this!

Here is the whopping program content you are about to experience.

Start today. Feel Fantastic.

    1. Introduction Information

    1. Core Confidence

    1. Your Parallel World

    2. Parallel World

    1. What To Say

    1. Circle Of Excellence

    1. Bullet Proof

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