3 Sessions, using hypnosis for curiosity and imagination


Imagination is more powerful than knowledge!

Einstein knew it, and he got in trouble for doing too much daydreaming. Great inventors, creative writers and people who have created great wealth are known for their daydreaming abilities.

Now it is your turn. If you have never been much of a daydreamer you will get to try on a new imagination.

Your daydreaming journey begins by getting into a state of trance.

In trance you are in a highly creative state where you can imagine things vividly, enlivening all your senses.

Your daydreams will be guided but also will allow you to go into new realms, finding new possibilities for these areas of your life.


You are about to experience a journey of imagination to create better health and imagine yourself becoming younger and more lively as you age.


You will take a power trip, as you imagine and daydream about your success and wealth and the new ways to market your business or create something new, or solve a problem.

Sexy time-

Next, the juicy daydream will help you have a better love life, and let you find new ways to connect with your partner. This daydream session is a favorite for everyone, I think. Time to wake up the body parts!

If you are intrigued about the power of daydreaming and how it might help you to let go of all that logical, critical thinking, this might just be the best thing you will do for your mind and body.

I think you will love this! Get started today.

Download it now and be amazed at how powerful you are in your daydreams!

Here are the hypnosis sessions you will experience

I know you are going to love this!

    1. Daydreamer- Health

    1. Sensual Daydream Hypnosis session

    1. Daydream Wealth Hypnosis session

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