End Dental Fears

Stop Grinding Your Teeth, day or night

Two Great Sessions- Dental Bliss and Bruxism Cure.
 Listen to this relaxing hypnosis session while you are at the dentist. Download it now and put on your earphones. You will take a meditation journey that will make your time in the Dentist's chair go very quickly and feel stress free. You will emerge feeling relaxed and wonderful!

Dental Bliss

Download now and Listen to this while you are at the dentist and feel the bliss!

Your trip to the Dentist made easy- with hypnotherapy

from Wendi Friesen 


Do you flinch just hearing the word dentist?

Do you miss appointments due to extreme fear of dentists?

Is your dental anxiety preventing you or you child from going?


You can end your dental phobia and fear with this simple and amazing session. 

Finally, a new approach for Dentists and Patients with dental phobias!

A hypnosis session that will release your fears, relax you before you go to the dentist and make you feel blissful while in the chair and help you actually enjoy your time at the dentist.

Let your mind completely drift away to a place where you go for inspiration. The adult session uses the trance state to release fears or phobias about dental work. The hypnotic wording, along with the binaural beats, takes the brain into a very pleasant alpha state.

Dentists! The patient will be relaxed and you will be able to communicate with them by touching them on the shoulder first. Patients using hypnosis are always aware of their surroundings and receptive to your words. However, their mind will be instructed to let voices and sounds fade into the distance. The voice they will pay attention to will be when they are touched on the shoulder.

Why is the program so successful?

Thousands of people who have struggled with dental phobias and anxiety have found relief.

Thousands have experienced the Dental Bliss method and become relaxed at the dentist. Hypnotherapy puts you in a deeply relaxed state and gives you the ability to release your fear of the dentist and actually feel good. You will love this program.

As you listen to this before your dentist appointment and while in the dentists chair, you will simply relax your body while listening to Wendi's soothing voice. The time will go by quickly and you might find that you love the blissful dream state that you are in while the words allow you to feel comfortable the entire time. 

Bruxism! Stop Grinding Your Teeth

Hypnosis is a very effective and natural way to stop jaw tension and teeth grinding. Even if you are wearing mouth guards at night, your are still creating pressure and tension that can result in neck and headache pain.

Do you wake up at night with a tight jaw?

Does your partner tell you to stop making that horrible grinding noise?

Is your dentist telling you to wear mouth guards at night?

Consider using Hypnosis to let your Jaw and neck relax and to let you get a great nights sleep!
If you are grinding your teeth during the day, this will help as well.

How does it work?

In this 30 minute hypnosis session, your subconscious mind will create triggers that relax the jaw and release the tension. Your subconscious mind will be asked to notice the sensation of your teeth touching and to instantly create a space between your teeth and relax the muscles. You mind will be trained to release tension, from your entire face, your neck, the back of your head, and your jaw. Once the triggers are set and the jaw is trained to relax and soften with the triggers, you can sleep peacefully and awaken more refreshed.

Most people get relief the first night, and some people notice relief after 2-3 nights.

You can also use this Session while you are in the dentists chair to relax you and create a calm experience.

If you are a dentist, you will love this Session! Let your patients listen to it while in the chair, and their jaw and neck will relax and open wide!

Will it really make me relax at the dentist?

  • Dentists love it

    I have several dentists who regularly give their patients headphones that have my dental bliss session playing. They know that a relaxed patient is an easier patient. Less complication, faster healing and their patients feel good.

  • What is Bruxism?

    If you grind your teeth at night, or even during the day, you can stop now! This session has a trigger to make your jaw relax as you sleep. I created it to use before bed. Then, if your teeth or jaws create tension, that is the cue for your subconscious mind to let your jaw open slightly and relax. It Really Works!

Listen to this at the Dentist, bring your phone and headphones

Use the bruxism session at night before bed.

    1. Ultimate Dental Bliss

    1. Part 1 - Introduction

    2. Part 2 - Buxism Treatment

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