Do It Now! End Procrastination

Be A 'DO IT NOW' person

Will This Hypnosis Course Really End Your Procrastination?

Yes it will! And you will be happy to do it.

  • Here's what happened to Stephanie...

    BIG BIG BIG THANKS TO YOU WENDI! I've experienced large emotional release, and I am still feeling it physically two days after. Did I mention how serious my procrastination was? Doing nothing at all for days. Now it's just two days after stopping the sabotage and I did so much. I would never believe it is possible. I have such productivity. I am waking up at 6 o'clock in the morning and working late, feeling balanced and in harmony. I feel I am on the track, I am just feeling like I am re-born.

  • George is a Do It Now guy...

    Since using the "Do it Now" course, in only a few short weeks, I have completed more tasks, got more involved living a quality life than what it seems I have done in years! I am a person who has tried many courses, live and taped. What I am very happy to state is that Wendi's "Do it Now" course IS WORKING for me. IT WORKS! I find Wendi's voice absolutely wonderful! I have used other courses over the years, all with men's voices, and Wendi wins hands down.

  • Jason had his life change...

    WENDI! I recently purchased "Do it Now" and it has CHANGED MY LIFE! Aside from finally keeping a balanced budget and doing my laundry, I have used the sessions to do everything from reduce my cigarette habit to meditate regularly. You have an amazing talent, and it has touched my life immensely ~ Jason

DO IT NOW is the BOMB!

Quit trying and just do it. For real...

Your life doesn't have to be a long history of unfinished projects, piles of paper, messy rooms, and self sabotage lurking around every corner. You can change it!

If you have tried other methods for ending procrastination and they have not worked, this program will blow your mind.

Reading books, making lists, and studying about procrastination DOES NOT WORK! But, you already knew that! When you listen to the sessions on this course you will actually be hypnotized to LOVE to get things done.

The changes you make are permanent, powerful and pleasant! No more struggle. It all gets easy from here!

This method is different than anything you have every tried. You are about to find out how easy it is to make these changes in your subconscious mind and become a DO IT NOW person.

I believe that anyone can change their procrastination habits.

These changes can be made by finding the core cause of procrastination, self sabotage, and even lack of motivation. When the core causes are released and resolved, you can create powerful programming in your subconscious mind that will push you forward with energy and joy and focus, to get your life in order and make you LOVE to DO IT NOW.

What Tommy Felt...
WENDI! I recently started your course "Do it Now" and it has CHANGED MY LIFE! Aside from finally keeping a balanced budget and doing my laundry, I have used this to do everything from reduce my cigarette habit to meditate regularly. You have an amazing talent, and it has touched my life immensely.

Something about your program that just WORKS!!
Anyway, thanks again!

Thanks, Tommy C.


Scotty had a breathrough...
Wendi, I Recently did the Do It Now course. Today I listened to Stop Sabotage and I figured it out! I am so overwhelmed by everything that the words that came to me were overwhelmed, scared, shielded, running away.
 I am 41 years old. At work I am an extremely organized person, and I am highly thought of. When I come home, it all just seems like so much! Anyway, now I have a game plan and I am grateful. I am so excited. I just finished listening, and can't wait to go implement what I have learned.
I had such a productive weekend, and I am still very excited about it! I made a list of things I wanted to get done, and used the suggestion to break the tasks down into small, timed jobs. With this new approach and an understanding of why I kept putting off these monumental jobs at home, I expect things to keep improving.


Larry W from California... (WOW)
I first heard of you on Coast To Coast AM last year and liked your style
... I started the ''Do It Now'' course and I like it very much. The reason I ordered that course, was that I was laid off a little over 3 years ago. I kept having trouble keeping up my enthusiasm and drive and my procrastination skills became so finely tuned that I could go for days without actually accomplishing a single damn thing! My sequence of day time TV shows was only interrupted by eating & smoking & and many lively games of Solitaire on the computer, oh, and the frequent web surfing marathon, and a lot more eating.
I just hit a mental block of some kind and could NOT for the life of my force myself to sit down and write one more cover letter or send out one more resume! I just couldn't do it and was getting fatter and smoking more and more. What a mess!
Driven by the realization
that I had just withdrawn the last of my retirement account for living
expenses, I purchased your ''Do It Now'' course. And even though it took me a full day to get started with it, it helped almost immediately.It was a miracle, almost instant improvement and continues to get better every day.
So, I wanted to thank you for your work. I look forward to continuing
to use the ''Do It Now''
Well, I just wanted to let you know why I appreciate you work!
Thanks Larry W.


I bought your course to end procrastination. I loved the Deep Trance.
Weird thing happened. I have had deep lines in my forehead, like etched in stone and was thinking of getting Botox but I'm too stingy and am scared of anything that sounds like "tox". After listening to several of your sessions in one night (between feeds since my baby doesn't let me sleep anyway) I looked in the mirror and my face looked different. True, I had given myself a suggestion in the trance that I'd have a "virtual botox" but every day the lines are getting less and less pronounced. A hypnotic botox. So cool.
Love your work.

Here's What Is In The Course...

Repeat after me- "My Procrastination stops today!"

    1. Morning Meditation

    2. The DO IT NOW Future Self

    3. Do It Now- Future You

    4. Triggers and Brain States- READ

    5. What Are You Really Feeling- READ

    1. How It Works- READ

    2. End Your Clutter- READ

    3. Put Stuff Away

    4. Wake Up- Energized

    5. Creating the New Trigger

    1. Throw Away- READ

    2. Spiritual Cleenup - READ

    3. Throw It Away!

    4. Mover And Shaker

    1. How to simplify and motivate for big tasks

    2. Big Task strategy- hypnosis session

    3. Sleep- Focus

    4. Mover and Shaker- Bonus! $19 value

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