What to Expect

How will your life change?

  • The Sacred Room

    In this Hypnotherapy session you will create a sacred room that will be the place to honor your loved one, while releasing the pain and cherishing the love and positive memories. This is a powerful session that lets you place all the memories, thoughts and things about the loss in a sacred place.

  • Cut The Cord

    In this Hypnotherapy session you will be able to work with the energy of your connection. For some types of loss, such as a divorce or breakup, you will be able to notice the energy of your connection and be able to release the spiritual cord. In some cases of grief you may NOT want to release the spiritual connection.

  • Forgiveness

    This hypnosis session will help you forgive and bring understanding to the loss. You can use this session to forgive others and yourself. I will guide you gently to experience the relief of forgiving and letting go of blame, anger or confusion.

  • Release The Past

    Release the past. Painful memories that you are struggling with will be replaced with positive lessons and new commitments. You will gently experience a healthy release of your connections to the pain of old memories.

  • Release Negative Anchors

    This session will help you release the negative anchors. We have emotions that are attached to the things around us, and those emotions are triggered when you see certain objects or your surroundings. This is an amazingly freeing experience.

Course curriculum

    1. Sacred Room

    1. Cut The Cord

    1. Forgiveness

    1. Let Go Of The Past

    1. Release Negative Anchors

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    Are you hurting over a breakup? Are you grieving over a death or loss of a friend? Are you still depressed after a divorce? Do you still long for your ex every day? Is jealousy destroying your life? This program has several sessions that will take you from crazy, obsessed and lonely, to freedom! Imagine what it might be like if you are totally released from the sense of loss and you have your life back. Your thoughts and feelings will be focused on what you do want and the life you deserve. A wonderful way to feel better fast, after a break-up or divorce, a death or even the loss of a pet. As you move past the hurt and pain you will begin to feel less attached to the pain,remembering the positive memories and feel more secure and begin to live again. You can find joy and relief, and even embrace the positive lessons from your resentments and hurt. Five Hypnotherapy sessions. Some say this is a life saver.