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Hypnosis is powerful to achieve more and love your game

  • Wendi is a hypnosis expert

    Wendi has 28 years of experience with serious golfers and recreational golfers who need help. If you are a recreational golfer and want to release frustration, inconsistency, anger or just needs more focus, this program totally transform your mental state and power!

  • Pros and those going pro

    Wendi has worked with pro golfers in her office and while in a tournament. Can you lower your handicap with hypnosis? Yes, absolutely. Can you create a more powerful state of excellence that will take you pro? Absolutely.

  • Proven results

    My pro golfers hire me for pre-tournament work and daily hypnosis during their tournaments. They often state that they have their best game ever. My clients take strokes off their games, feel focused and powerful and enjoy their game more. Hire me to help you personally!

Powerful Hypnotherapy Sessions

Proven methods to make your game great

    1. Session 1 - Anchoring the Zone State

    2. Session 2 - Anger Into Excellence

    3. Session 3 - Modeling Excellence

    1. Session 4 - 5 Minute Relax to the Max

    2. Session 5 - The Intuitive Putt

    3. Session 6 - Core Confidence

    4. Session 7 - Power Programming

    5. Eye On The Ball- 30 minutes

    6. 2 minute Quick Focus - Eye On The Ball

About this course

  • $79.90
  • 9 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content

The Entire Golf Hypnosis Mastery program- Instant Access

Remember- You can hire Wendi to work by Zoom, or to come to you for intensive help. Do you need daily mind game support during a tournament? Contact me.

Message from Wendi Friesen

I love helping golfers release the frustration, get out of a slump and find the excellence in their game. Many of my golf clients have their best game ever, and take strokes off their handicap. Hire Me! Call me! Let's find your best mind game.