The Healing Garden will be your favorite

Let go of stress, melt into a puddle of bliss, heal your mind and body

Are you struggling with Chronic pain?

Are you ready to heal your body and mind ?

Do you want to totally release the stress that is making you sick            

First, you will listen to a full length session that will take you into a beautiful garden where your healing session begins.

You will teach your body and  mind to go into trance quickly as you are surrounded by the serenity of this garden.

Everything in this garden is for you. It is your sacred place.

Next you will create an instant healing state for your mind and body. In this state your body will be instructed on using a trigger to go back into this healing state any time you choose.

Experience the rapid healing sessions. There is a 3 minute and a 5 minutes healing session that you can use when you just need a quick moment of bliss.

The quick infusion sessions will help you stop whatever is happening around you, create a strong and healthy state of mind, and give you peace and serenity almost instantly.

The sessions include the full length garden of bliss, a 5 minute fast healing session, a 3 minute instant healing session, and a healing temple with hands of light.

Hypnotherapy is a really powerful way to create better health

This will be your favorite way to relax and heal!

  • You Need To Change Your Focus...

    Healing is not just about your body. It is a state of mind. Your mindset has everything to do with your pain, immune response, your expectation and your ability to thrive.

  • Why does Hypnotherapy work?

    Your doctor will tell you that your attitude and outlook drastically affects your health. The healing garden will be your sacred place to experience the highest healing state, the big shift in your subconscious mind and the acceptance that you are healing.

These sessions include a full length Garden Of Healing a five minute and three minute session

You will use the short sessions as often as you like.

    1. Introduction

    1. Instant Trance

    1. 5 Minute Healing

    1. 3 Minute Healing

    1. Healing Garden

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