Learn the Amazing Art of Sleep Hypnosis

Tantalizing Techniques to Hypnotize Your Friend Or Love While They Sleep

  • Can you hypnotize someone while they sleep?
  • Is the subconscious mind listening to the words you say as a person sleeps?
  • Will the suggestions have an effect on the sleeping person?

Find out how to use HypnoSleep to help your partner, friend or even your child to make deep changes.

This is a powerful process, and can be used for many purposes.

  • You can create fun and sensual experiences for your lover by suggesting they have more desire, sensations and even lusty dreams.
  • You can help your friends to overcome fears, have more confidence, let go of anger and so much more.
  • Help your kids to feel more confident, let go of fears, be happier and braver. HypnoSleep works great for kids in creating behavior changes.

Learn HypnoSleep and discover an amazing way to influence the subconscious mind

Eight Audio Hypnosis Inductions-

Recorded inductions that will teach you the basics of putting a person into trance, and how to use your suggestions while they are in trance.

And a free gift!
The Hypnotize Your Lover audio hypnosis session. $29 value. This session has my voice putting your partner into trance, then guiding you to create your suggestions when they are in trance. Instructions are included for using this mutually enjoyable erotic process with your lover.

This is a fun way to spice up your love life! I know you will enjoy HypnoSleep. Have fun! ~~ Wendi

What is in this course?

Use your powers for good,,,

    1. HypnoSleep IMPORTANT agreement about use

    2. What is HypnoSleep?

    3. Dave Elman's Hypnosleep

    1. Having Control over Someone? True or False?

    1. HypnoSleep for Children- help them feel better

    1. Step by Step Instructions

    1. HypnoSleep Techniques

    2. Ideomotor Responses

    3. More Ways to Use HypnoSleep

    1. Inductions to Help Create Trance

    2. Deep Relaxation Induction

    3. The Pretend Induction

    4. The Double Voice Induction

    5. Instant Trance- Conditioning The Body and Mind

    6. Instant Deep Trance ONE minute

    7. Deep Trance using Cues and Triggers

    8. Deep Trance Induction Session

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