Use your creativity and imagination to think bigger

13 creative, fun hypnosis sessions.

13 creative, fun hypnosis sessions.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Let your imagination soar!

Free your mind to think WAY outside of the box.

Explore your mind, body and spirit in a very unusual way.

These three sessions will allow you to choose a specific outcome of your choosing, or you can let your very creative mind surprise you and give you a new power, new sexual prowess or heal an unhealthy aspect of your body.

Get all three sessions in a single download.

This is something different than you have ever done.

It might just change you in ways you did not expect!


You will create an electrifying new sensation and passion. As you delve deep into the sexual energy, you will enhance an aspect of your sexual nature. You can choose the one aspect you are going to enhance, or you can allow your mind to let you expand and explore without directing the thoughts.


Start with a focus on a specific part of your body, and then program the cells. Use this take an imaginary journey inside of your body and target some healing in specific areas. Use it for anything that you feel needs attention, to speed healing or reverse a condition you might have.


Let your mind take you to an ultimate feeling of power. Let this session take you to a place that represents power and balance for you. If you need to feel more powerful in a specific setting, like on stage, or at a meeting coming up, or interview, you can guide the sessions. Put yourself in that place with your strength and commitment.

Self discovery never felt so good.

These three amazing sessions will take you to new depths in hypnosis. Each one has a new ending every time you use it. Float, drift, bliss out and discover things you never knew were possible.

This journey is all about having a fun discovery. Enjoy it!

Clear Plastic Bag

Get ready for a really big change!

This is a very unique and powerful session. It is all about stripping away the things that you think define who you are. Get down to the reality of who you are and what your life is really about.

This is a very transformative hypnotherapy session. It is important that you won't be disturbed during this process and that you stay aware during the session.

Discover who you really are. This session will open your eyes like it has for almost every one who has experienced it. You will be relieved to find out who you are, your spiritual nature and the journey of your soul.

This session creates a new perspective, releases the feelings of being overwhelmed and give you a way to look at things as not who you are, but rather as experiences that you have.

Expand Your Senses

Wanna play?

This is the part where I really get into your brain. We are actually going to go trippin around inside of your body, together.

Just you and me.

And a billion of your cells.

We will take a journey into a sexual aspect that is created to amplify something about your sensual nature. Again, I am not telling you what it is. You just go along with me… see where it leads.

Now, the fun begins.

When I made this recording, I created a very specific outcome for each one. The visual, kinesthetic, and emotional experience was detailed in my mind.

You might be experiencing the same things that I experienced when I made the session.

Enjoy this Experimental Hypnosis program now!

The Hypnotic Face Lift
I have had a lot of positive reports about this method of releasing stress that affects the face and in creating a more youthful look.

Does it work?
Let's find out!

Let’s play with your brain and try a hypnotic Facelift!

We already know that hypnosis can grow muscle, increase strength, affect cells as they regenerate.

Walk in the Woods

Take a Walk with me!
This is an amazing metaphorical analysis of what you need to pay attention to in your life.

We are always on the path, going somewhere, learning something. The path is usually random and the lessons may be rather obscure. Most of us don't step out onto our path every day with a focused intention.

The Walk in the Forest is an analytical hypnosis session to ask your mind what needs attention and what change you are most in need of now.

When I made this session I had chills. The experience of the forest was very illuminating and inspiring for me. I felt very loved and healed and content at the end. Each time you use this session you will have a new experience, a new lesson and a new healing.
I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Be sure to do this session at a time when you are aware and engaged so you can appreciate the entire experience and take the memory of it with you.

No falling asleep during the session!

At the end, I left it up to you to emerge or continue to meditate.

Wide Awake

Three unique Hypnosis Session that you listen to with eyes open.

Yes, you can listen while driving.

You can listen while you are doing the dishes.

You can even put these sessions on while you are at work and maybe you will accidentally hypnotize your co-workers to relax and de-stress!

Three full length sessions.

De Stress

Relax and let stuff roll out of you. You are a temple of bliss. As these phrases and words play in the background while you drive or work out or clean house, you will be finding yourself happy in this moment. The worries will float away and you will feel the love and peace float through your mind and body.

Attract Wealth

Become wealthy, wise and worthy of abundance. All with your eyes wide open. Hear the suggestions reminding you about being worthy, unstoppable, powerful and wealth. Every time you listen you are creating power in your mind and body to become wealthy and successful, letting the blocks and fears melt away.

Sugar Blaster

You will actually teach your brain to stop tasting sugar. If you can't taste it, you might not want to eat it. Amazingly enough it works! You will feel your desire for healthy foods increase and your thoughts of sugary foods just dissolve away. All while listening passively.

People tried it, here are some comments!

Fun and Fabulous!
Are you nervous around new people? Do you wish you could strike up a
conversation with new people and be spontaneous?

Well, you will. Become funny and interesting, using your excellent sense of humor to dazzle your new friends.

What, you don't have new friends? Make contact!
Instantly feel comfortable striking up conversations with new people, in the coffee shop, in the gym, on the street.
And then if you think that your new friend is really hot, you will use your new found Big Flirt skills to have some real fun.

Life of the Party

Connection- Connect with new people

Big Flirt- Double voice session

What will you experience?

  • She loves the Wide Awake sessions...

    This concept could be applied to nearly every "trance" product Wendi has. It has good positive affirmations that are good to listen to at work and in the car! This comes in three sessions, I liked the "financial abundance". The second part dealt with Sugar Cravings. This has good, healthy notions. I really liked the third "De-stress" one. It eased my performance in a swim meet today. I would love to see a new section of focused with the "wide awake" concept...and sessions that are "conceptually" compatible. Good stuff Wendi ...I'll be sharing this with my kids! Ramona

  • This Sugar Blaster just banished her bad habits...

    Dear Wendi, I LOVED this session. I can listen in the car and at my desk at work. The sugar blaster worked on things I tend to crave like cookies and soft drinks. I was listening while driving through a fast food place and the soft drink I got was really flat and yucky. Coincidence? I don't know, but I did drink more water and sugar was not as appealing as it had been prior to listening. The stress less was fabulous to listen to while I was driving. I felt really relaxed which is somewhat of a challenge in traffic and I was able to work through problems very productively and felt very much in control. Excellent job as usual Wendi!!

  • Judy can't taste sugar now...

    Dear Wendi Okay, now THAT was interesting! I listened to the sugar-free session yesterday, then last night on a whim I poured some cinnamon and sugar mix into my hand. I could taste the cinnamon but not the sugar, just like in Wendi's story! I wish now that I had tried the pure sugar, but I was walking out of the kitchen as I tasted it. Great Idea! Thanks, Sierra Judy Rivers Laguna Beach, California

Here is what you get! It's a lot of awesome for your brain.

    1. Part 1 - Health

    2. Part 2 - Sex

    3. Part 3 - Power

    1. Clear Plastic Bag

    1. Sensual Journey - Expand Your Senses

    1. Hypnotic Facelift

    1. Walk in the Woods

    1. Part 1 - You Are Worthy

    2. Part 2 - Sugar Blaster

    3. Part 3 - Stress Less

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