How Does Meditation Work?

Daily Meditation is a little magical.

Created by Wendi Friesen

This Meditation Series will change you starting on Day 1

Do You Love Your Life?
 If not, you need to read this.

Depressed, sad, fearful, stuck, hopeless? Here’s your Frequent Smiler program, it will get you out of your rut and into major smileage!

Every morning there is a first breath you take when you awaken…
the first breath that fills your lungs with the oxygen that
awakens you to a new day.

Now, when you join me, you will take that first breath filled with bliss each day knowing that the first breath will guide you into that one feeling that you love, that feeling you crave, that makes you realize that everything in your life is about to get happier and better.

Imagine having 20 minutes each day that starts with a deep trigger to put you instantly into a willing state to grow, expand, nourish and renew… all in that one first breath. It will happen for you every day.

Will you say “I Love My Life!” in just thirty days? Or on day one? I believe you will.

Listen to every word, let it sink deep into your mind, release your worry and doubt as you get ready to really feel it. The Bliss trigger will be set and will grow every day. Your mind is ready, your spirit is willing.

Get ready to start with Day 1
Then you will continue every day during your 30 day mind altering, soul lifting program.

•30 days to create a LIFE YOU LOVE!

•Commit to 20 minutes a day

•Bring your open mind

•End your worry, anger, conflict

•Get out of your rut

•Be more creative, wise and happy than you ever imagined

•You will really say, “I Love My Life!”

Let’s do this! Get the Bliss conditioning session right now! It is free in this course.
 LISTEN and realize how much you can change your life in fantastic ways every day!

Will you start today and find out how good it really feels?

Will you take this one step that might paste a never ending smile
on your face?

You get the Meditation BOOK as my gift to you, you can download it right now.
Find it on the FREE TRIAL area.

Find out more about what meditation can do for you by experiencing it today.
First you will learn to empty your mind and create space for bliss.

Next you will explore something new, once every day.

Learn Meditation for 30 days, only 20 minutes a day.

Can you become healthier with meditation?

There is a some impressive research for meditation and brain health, physical health and your happiness. You probably know this, but are you actually practicing your meditation every day? This will kick it into gear for you, make it easy, and quite possibly help you to love your life.

Remember to use the free meditation MP3 - BLISSOLOGY- it will set your brain to go deep into the experience every day.

 You get it free today, and you can listen to it and prime your mind and body, then activate the trigger when you start with Day 1

Read what happened to Ian, in his story below.

Big Changes, here. What will you experience?

Read the stories of those who decided to experience Blissology.

  • Is it a life changer? Her husband said...

    “Dear Wendi, This is phenomenal! I have been “working” with you for years but particularly love this program. I’m so at peace and I feel so much lighter. I’ve mentioned to you before that I’ve been managing a series of tumors, it’s very easy to get lost in one’s illness and obligations but with your help I live a full, joyful life. Keeping my thoughts in the right place is the key. I finally got my husband to commit to daily use of your sessions when he was having trouble sleeping. He’s a believer now! Yesterday he told me “You know, when you listen to Wendi over and over, you hear something new each time. It’s really cool.” This, coming from a man who thought all that “hocuspocus” was nonsense?! Surprise! It works! –Melissa”

  • Ian had a big breakthrough on Day 4...

    “Dear Wendi, I just want to thank you profusely for this program. I have only been using it for 4 days now and I have already had a breakthrough. I am male, 31 and I have been attempting to meditate off and on for about 2 years now, but I always felt blocked and I would experience minimal results. I also tried experimentation with self-hypnosis, I have never completely given up. As an adult with ADD I found it particularly difficult to clear my mind. But this was different. From the first Blissology recording I felt a peace and relaxation I had never known. I had to have the rest of this program. I purchased it immediately and I am thrilled with the results. Every day is like opening up a new present and I feel it becoming so much easier to clear away thoughts to the point that it becomes almost effortless. I feel like all the pieces are falling into place in my life and I am so grateful for having been given this opportunity. Thank you so very much and God bless you!! — Sincerely, Ian”

  • Inspired...

    Wow, from Chris Lord Just to let you know 3 years ago you trained me on one of your cds then i became a hypnotherapist with American school of hypnosis. Then i needed to take a recognised course again in England as a hypnotherapist then became a master hypnotherapist plus much more but thank you Wendi for your programs. You were my inspiration! Cheers and thanks! Sincerely Grateful, Chris

  • In the dentist's office...

    Wendi, I love all of your meditation series. I use several of your programs in my dental practice. I have always thought that hypnosis is the first cousin for meditation. Keep making new programs. Thank you so much! Doug Paulus

What is in this wildly powerful meditation course?

Each day's meditation takes you deeper and focuses on a new topic, emotion or state of mind.

    1. Blissology-meditation session

    1. Blissology Meditation Book

    2. Part 1 Meditation - Empty

    3. Part 2 Meditation - Look Deeper

    4. Part 3 Meditation - Lighten

    5. Part 4 Meditation - Tingle

    6. Part 5 Meditate - Blow Your Mind

    7. Part 6 Meditate - Laugh More

    8. Part 7 Meditate - Wonder Why

    9. Part 8 Meditate - Why Not

    10. Part 9 Meditate - Ponder

    11. Part 10 Meditate - Stretch

    12. Part 11 Meditate - Be Amazed

    13. Part 12 Meditate - Be Amazing

    14. Part 13 Meditate - Flight

    15. Part 14 Meditate - Cry it Out

    16. Part 15 Meditate - Let it Go

    17. Part 16 Meditate - Serenity

    18. Part 17 Meditate - Refresh

    19. Part 18 Meditate - Blow Someone's Mind

    20. Part 19 Meditate - Check Yourself

    21. Part 20 Meditate - Throw Caution

    22. Part 21 Meditate - Go in Silence

    23. Part 22 Meditate - Dare Yourself

    24. Part 23 Meditate - Shrug it Off

    25. Part 24 Meditate - Take it On

    26. Part 25 Meditate - Infuse Your Soul

    27. Part 26 Meditate - Smile For No Reason

    28. Part 27 Meditate - Smile for Every Reason

    29. Part 28 Meditate - Simplify

    30. Part 29 Meditate - Shop Less

    31. Part 30 Meditate - Love More

    32. Part 31 Meditate - Flower

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