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Instantly change your mood, feelings, and attitude.

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Tired, stressed, worried, angry, stuck?
This Pocket Therapist download contains these powerful, fast and intensive hypnosis sessions.

Each session is only 3-4 minutes long and when you put on the headphones and push the button you will prepare to make a very fast shift in your state of mind.

My voice will guide you into the fast trance, transform the bad feelings, stop the fear, even release pain, and put you in the state of mind that you love. Feel powerful, confident, relaxed, or even have a huge burst of creativity

Do You Need A Quick Fix?

Keep these on your phone, in your pocket, ready for you anytime

  • Confidence, Strength, Power

    When you need a big boost of confidence, take 3 minutes to go into a fast trance and make yourself powerful, creative and confident.

  • Need To Let Go and Connect With Your Spiritual Self?

    Grab the Brain session for Spiritual Awareness, Emotional Balance and Instant Awakening. Set your mind and body to the peace and inner wisdom, and do it in only 3 minutes!

  • Struggling With A Difficult Decision?

    Open the Decision Topic, choose from the Decision audios, and let your mind go deep into the wisdom that will show you your best and highest good. Then feel a sense of peace in your decision.

Each topic has several sessions, just choose the one you need!

Great for so many of life's problems. Now it will be easy to instantly change your mood and your mind

    1. Introduction and Conditioning

    1. Brain- Introduction to the Brain Expansion

    2. Brain- Physical Power and Stamina

    3. Brain- Mental Sharpness and Accuracy

    4. Brain- Emotional Balance

    5. Brain- Spiritual Awareness

    6. Brain- Instant Awakening

    1. Food- Food for Thought

    2. Food- Crave Nutritious Foods-Double Voice

    3. Food- Stomach Shrink-Double Voice

    1. Pain- Melt the Pain

    2. Pain- Double Voice Session

    1. Memory- Excellence and Focus

    2. Memory - Instant Recall Trigger

    3. Memory - Double Voice Focus

    1. Do It Now-Instant Power

    2. Do It Now-Direct Suggestion

    3. Do It Now-Stop Sabotage

    4. Do It Now-Double Voice Blast

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