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What if...

you could experience more passion, more pleasure, more of everything that is sensual and special? Hypnotize your lover...


what it might be like if you are to intensify your body's experience of touch, smell, sound... To actually illuminate your senses hypnotically. I believe you can.

And you...

may already be wondering just how you could help your Lover to feel more
passionate, more pleasured, or maybe more adventurous. With hypnosis?

As you imagine...

the feelings that you could create with just a word, or a touch, you probably find your own sense of adventure increasing.


Hypnosis can help you to explore what brings you pleasure. You can become wonderfully magnetic, irresistible and sensual, or perhaps you would like to feel more confident, more charismatic, or courageous. Hypnosis is a way of directing your mind to bring you more of what you do want.

You will have the entire 300 page book, Hypnotize Your Lover. I is full of fascinating erotic hypnosis ideas, including scripts, hypnotic seduction, and methods to connect more deeply with your lover.

INTERACTIVE session, Hypnotize Your Lover guided to help you do hypnotic things to each other.
IRRESISTIBLE YOU- a hypnosis audio session to make you magnetic, charismatic and confident.

This is a great part of the course to make your relationship better.
Giving Love, Feeling Loved, Deepening Your Intuitive Connection.
And a love poem to get you in the mood.

This has 5 session of very loving phrases and words, you can listen to anytime. Each one has a different tone to it. Fall asleep to this, or use it when you wake up. Feel the love you have for yourself, then feel how easily you share that love in a deep and genuine way.

This is fun. Really fun.

  • Ooozing with love

    To create a valuable and meaningful relationship, you need to learn to love yourself, then you can truly share that love. This program helps to find that self love, acceptance and joy. And then you are such a loving person that it just grows and grows.

  • Hypnotize Your Lover

    I wrote this book to answer the zillions of question about hypnosis, love and sex. The first section is about our values, rapport, charisma, language patterns and seduction. The second section is full of erotic scripts and ideas. It is a fun way to explore with your lover.

Here is what you will get. All of the titles below are Hypnosis sessions.

Feel the love...

    1. Feeling Loved

    2. Giving Love

    3. How Do I Love Thee - Love Poem

    4. Intuitive Connection

    1. Hypnotize your lover Book - Deeper

    2. Hypnotize Your Lover

    3. Irresistible You - Magnetism

    1. Love Lively - Aqua

    2. Love Lively - Chill

    3. Love Lively - Voice

    4. Love Whisper - Fantasia

    5. Love Whisper - Voice

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