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Everyday you can listen to a different session, getting a big boost in your healthy eating and burning fat. A great variety of unique weight, food and eating hypnosis sessions.

Eat This

Then expel it. Fast.
Finally, it is here. Many of you have asked for this. This hypnosis session was created to make you absorb only the calories that your body requires for energy.
Will this work? The plan is to ask the intestines to only allow as many food calories to be absorbed as your body can use, allowing no calories to be stored as fat.
To do this, the body and brain is asked to only want food with high nutritional value. The empty calories you USED to eat leave you hungry because you are not getting the nutrients that your body needs. The foods that have high nutrients for their calorie content will trigger the brain to feel full. You will also be asked to change the way you see the food in the grocery store, and see those foods that are compatible with your body’s needs, and that support great health, as brighter and more interesting and appealing. And if that is not enough, I have asked your brain to stop all evening hunger for 3-4 hours before bed.
Does it work? Since I made this program I simply don’t think about food in the evening. Even though I know that the Butterfinger ice cream is calling my name from the freezer, I am not hungry. Not even a little bit.

Sugar Blaster

Stop sugar cravings and lose interest in candy, sweets and sugary snacks.

Eat Think and Be Merry

Are you snacking like crazy and gaining weight?
Is your mindless eating making you consume 1000s of extra calories a day?
Are you trying everything to get committed to exercise every day, but still couch bound?
You have to get conscious!
Think before you grab that next snack. Stop the cycle of mindless eating and create a massive change of attitude and actions.

Let's make that unconscious process go down an entirely different path.

Session 1-
I'm Good
A Full length session to do the job on installing the switch that will turn off your hunger. Awesome thing to do for your mind.

Session 2-
I'm Good- HypnoQuickie
A quickie! A short, 4 minute session to refresh and reboot your brain when you feel any slippage. (this session will totally reinforce the feelings and reactions you created in session 1.

Session 3-
Workout cravings-
Core Commitment
You want to exercise every day.

You commit to working out, even if it is just a little, every day.
And still some days you do nothing.

That is all going to change.
Today and every day.

I KNOW you are going to love these sessions.

Happy Tummy

A hypnosis session to alleviate food issues in the stomach and intestines.
Fear rests in our stomach and intestines. Emotional conflicts settle in the cells in our intestines. Certain foods can trigger the emotional and physical responses in the cells when a food or ingredient causes a conflict. Use this session to end your issues with food and to stop the IBS symptoms. (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Hunger Blaster-

For a Very Low Calorie (like the HCG) Diet.
Stop Cravings on your low calorie or low carb diet. You know that you need to be rock solid on feeling full, eating slow, letting go of cravings and being in control.
When I made this session, I was so amazed at how full I was afterwards. I had not eaten in a couple of hours, but I felt so full the rest of the day I just couldn't eat.

1- Introduction to the Very Low Calorie Diet
2- Feel Full Fast
3- Stomach Shrink
4- Pocket Therapist Stomach Shrink
Makes you make you feel full fast, to help stop hunger and cravings almost instantly. The Pocket Therapist session is a quick boost,  about 3-4 minutes long.

Junk Food Junk Yard

Two great hypnosis sessions. Stop eating junk food, and Get Thin while you sleep.
You know the feeling, you drive by Jack, can almost smell Carl's, feel Mac calling your name... all of them taunting you... overriding every bit of your willpower.
This Hypnotherapy session will end of all your junk food cravings, desires, thoughts and needs.
You close your eyes and relax. I tell you a story.
Simple as that.
When you listen to this session you will begin to feel the raw power of sheer determination taking over, as you ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM past the Junk Food Junkyard.
It's all about the Zoom, Zoom, Zoom. Listen today and you will understand.

Get Thin While You Sleep

Put this session on as you fall asleep and let your inner mind absorb the suggestions that will give you everything you need to be thin, healthy and vibrant.

Fire Your Fat

For this session you can close your eyes, or keep them open - either way it’s fine.

This one is asking your fat cells to SkeeDaddle! Will it work? You might feel a need to exercise much more and get moving! This session will do amazing things to your body. I know you will be so very glad you experienced it. Use it over and over!

Perpetual Pie Hole

This is a session that will make you want to drink water, take a walk, get away from the fridge and only eat when you are hungry.

Does the new voice in your head tell you that you want something fresh and healthy?
Is the voice there guiding you and creating strength, keeping you on track?
This will amaze you, as you notice your toughest behaviors changing and that VOICE changing to one that is your friend, your mentor, your strength!
Find out why Wendi's Hypnotic weight loss programs are the best in the world.

You Will Make Big Changes

Just close your eyes and relax... I will take care of the rest.

  • Joanne now loves her veggies...

    Thank You Wendi! I was surprised how good some foods really taste and how little quantity of a food it takes to feel satisfied physically and emotionally. I was just simply stunned that I was eating fruits and veggies....which is unheard of for me! Joanne

  • Frank has started eating nutritious food...

    Hi Wendi, The best thing about these sessions is that I incorporated more fruits, veggies, and protein in my diet. This program made me feel grounded and connected to someone who was as concerned as I am about releasing weight. It Feels like someone is there encouraging your journey. Frank R.

  • Tracey is Feeling Full and Blissful...

    "Dear Wendi, Well, this time you have really done it. I have been a long time user of your hypnosis products and your New "Low Calorie Diet Support" program is amazing. I started listening to the "Stomach Shrink" session and the induction was so powerful, I felt myself going deep into a lovely state of bliss. I heard every word spoken but at the same time was so relaxed I was just floating in a dream state. What a peaceful feeling. When I was finished, I was full of energy. My kids had just gotten home from school and were in the kitchen and living room with their typical after school snacks. I had no interest in what they were eating at all! It was an INSTANT CHANGE! I really had no sense of hunger or even interest in eating. I felt as though I had just had a meal and it had been about 3 hrs since I had. This is really exciting because compulsive eating has always been an issue for me. I love all your products Wendi and this is certainly top notch! I'm thrilled to feel like I have control over my eating habits and can't wait to see the results. Thanks, Tracey"

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    1. Eat This

    2. Sugar Blaster

    1. I'm Good

    2. I'm Good - Hypno Quickie

    3. Core Commitment

    1. Happy Tummy

    1. Hunger Blaster Introduction

    2. Hunger Blaster - Full And Happy

    3. Conditioning session

    4. Stomach Shrink

    5. Stomach Shrink - Double Voice

    1. Junk Food Junk Yard

    1. SweetDreams-Sugar

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