Can you become a charismatic, influential and persuasive person?

Let's Find Out...

The Power of Persuasion

Improve your Charisma and Self Esteem now, and find out how comfortable you will be when you are NATURALLY able to be persuasive and influential.

First, you will create a powerful internal state that is confident and comfortable. You will create rapport instantly with others to help them like you and trust you.

If a person picks up mixed messages about you and your body language or facial cues don't match your words or actions, their mind will feel uncomfortable and they will get that gut feeling that says something isn't right.

Congruence means that your words, actions, intentions, thoughts, voice... all match. We are all able to subconsciously assess these clues and when something does not match it gives us a feeling that we should not trust a person.It is really hard to fake integrity or try to be congruent. It has to come from within.

The experience of using all the sessions in this program is an experience that will create a powerful internal state that will make others feel comfortable, give you the ability to put them at ease and allow them to trust you and like you.

Can you Hypnotically Enhance Your Influence Skill?

Hypnotically create power and influence in everything you do. Master the skills of language patterns and words that help influence others to see your point of view.

The training is great for business contacts, relationships, learning body language, mastering power and becoming fearless. Find out how powerful hypnosis can be when you open your mind to see and observe with intuitive skills.

Hypnosis sessions-

Core Confidence-
This hypnosis session will give you the inner strength, attitude and vision of your confident self. 

Bullet Proof

Do you feel intimidated around powerful people?

Do you get flustered when you are feeling insecure?

Are you easily hurt or offended or just feel you are too sensitive?

This is a unique double voice induction that will put you into a deep trance and then create the power to stand up to those who try to manipulate you. You will intuitively detect a person who is a manipulator. Then you will find that you easily remain focused and unaffected.

Stop those who try to intimidate you by your strong presence! The double induction includes voice layers and a unique left and right brain segment.

Do you have trouble saying no, even when you know you must?

You can stop the fear and start to feel confident and powerful in most situations. Be bulletproof and claim your power!

For those who are insecure, easily intimidate, nervous or lacking confidence, this will help you find your power and stand up for yourself. The process will help create a power state that has the belief that you are willing to be strong, sure, confident and worthy of speaking your mind.

Reading Body Language 

Can hypnosis help you read body language and learn what people are thinking?
Learn to read people like a book, intuitively knowing what they are really thinking, as they express it in their movements.
Train your brain to intuitively  read people's body language without having to study and memorize.

This hypnosis session will give you this knowledge so that you unconsciously notice all the signals an interpret those to know what a person is feeling or thinking.

Being able to read body language is a must have skill for business and social success. Once you have this ability you will wonder how you were able to get by without it.

Your subconscious mind will alert you to inconsistencies and signals that show dishonesty, nervousness, fear, connection, joy, sincerity and much more.

Circle of Excellence
What you think, you become. 

You will teach your brain to experience your confident state as real, and then anchor this state. All of your best qualities will be amplified in this circle, then you will experience yourself in the situation where you want greater confidence.

You can use this for just about any situation where you will need increased confidence.


If you could hold a meeting of all the parts of yourself that live in your mind, what would you tell them to do?

Meet your different parts of yourself in the boardroom see what their job is and how they impact your decisions in a positive and negative way.

When you meet these parts of yourself you will have the chance to give them new jobs, new orders, or even fire them if you like. I think you might find that you have some members who are slacking off a bit and need a kick in the ass. This session can be used while wide awake, or relaxing in trance.

This is a highly creative process that will give you great wisdom and insight.

You can solve difficult problems, or find creative solutions, find answers to your questions and get expert guidance. 

You will LOVE this session! 

Borrowed Genius

Do you feel stuck and blocked?

Have you tried everything to clear your mind and find creativity?

Do you feel there is more creativity in you but you don't know how to find it?

Open your mind and soul! It is all about to change! 

Get into a highly creative state.  Put on the head of a brilliant thinker and re-invent the wheel or understand the theory of relativity. Make your creative ideas explode.

In this hypnosis session you are about to enter your  most creative and brilliant state. 

 Just put on your headphones, take a deep breath, close your eyes and let yourself enter a powerful state of trance.

You will find yourself in a powerful state of flow, immersed in a highly creative state.

Everyone knows that there is a creative state that can be accessed when you daydream. Sometimes it is hard to get into it and your inner critic prevents you from experiencing the highest state of creativity. This session will help you bypass that inner critic and let you gain insight. 

Instant Focus State Change

This is a short session that will put you into trance, relax you fast and then give you an instant state of focus, clarity and confidence. 

Use this session when you have an important meeting, presentation or need to be on your game! 


Create the intention you need.

Have you ever said to yourself, “I had great intentions”?
Have you realized that your intentions, no matter how good they might be, fall short?
With this session you will get to look at and feel your intention to create what you want, and how that has affected you, disappointed you, or left you feeling that you didn’t succeed.
If you go beyond your intention, to results, you can experience the success.
You can use this technique to get results.
I am sure you will enjoy this.
The first session is the Introduction. 

You will set your inner mind to focus on what your deepest intentions are and create the method to make the massive change in each area of your life.

You will then apply it to your power state.
Your desire to succeed
Get a new job
Start your business
Make new contacts

Parallel Universe
You are about to meet an alternate version of yourself.  You will focus on the person you are with great persuasion skills, rapport, great posture, smart and intelligent. 

Meet the person you would be if you were raised by the best parents, in the best schools, with the people who were supportive and inspiring.

 All of your qualities and talents are allowed to be fully realized on this alternate world. This one changed my life. I think it will change yours as well.


Become irresistible and confident and spontaneous. You will notice that other people just love to be around you. Your magnetism and charisma will get better every time you listen to this one!

This session focuses on magnetism for persuasion in a sensual way. You can apply the experience to other situations, but you will notice that it focuses on seduction and sensual energy.

The Power Experience
Be More Powerful and Influential! 

Experience the world from the perspective of the most powerful person you know.
Find out what it feels like to be one of the most important people in the world.
Be comfortable with your tremendous sense of power.

Anger Into Power

End your Anger & Find your bliss

Are you angry at the drop of a hat?

Do you lose your temper easily and regret it later?

Are you feeling turmoil inside because stress and a short fuse?

Time for a major readjustment and the end to anger and impatience!

Stop the patterns that make you angry and learn to create a positive and understanding nature when face with challenges. An extraordinary experience into the causes of anger and the release of the triggers.

If you have not yet experienced the blissful, peace of mind you can have when you let go of anger and judgment, now may be the perfect time.

Sphere of Influence

Enhance your natural Influence and Persuasion abilities.  Learn to be a really great listener.
You know  people  can just walk into a room and you feel their charisma. You notice their style and one of the things that makes them interesting, is the way they listen and really care about what you are saying.   You can increase your persuasive ability, not by learning techniques, but by integrating this connection into your manner and style. You will become more interested in what others have to say and use the pausing technique to create rapport and agreement.

Imagine how interesting your life will be when you have a sphere of influence around you that affects others in a positive way.

This hypnosis session will give you a better conversational ability, to create connection, decrease resistance and help you learn your persuasion style.  

In this session you will begin to create a deeper connection with your recipient, and then communicate more smoothly and effectively.

There are phrases in the session that are for you to absorb and remember, to master influence with your words.

Testimonials from persuasion students

  • Karsten says you won't be the same...

    From Karsten Koch Wendi has the ability, to compress all those long articles and thick and intelligent books and sometimes hard to understand works, into a small but powerful book with hypnosis audio sessions. If you have read it you won't be the same. You will feel having learned such a lot in such a short time. And you will experience, that your new knowledge can really help you and others - not somewhere in the future ore in only special situations: no, from now on and in nearly all your everyday-experiences.

  • Paula is paying attention now...

    It Rocks! From Paula of Hamilton, Ontario - I think this is an excellent program. For me it's how to listen better and to really pay attention. It also taught me how to use words that get people thinking. This program taught me that persuading someone means that we work together.

How persuasive will you become?

Part one is the entire book, ready for you to read

    1. Langauge Patterns, Openers, Double Bind

    2. Embedded Commands

    3. The I/You Shift

    4. Magical Rapport

    5. Creating Waking Hypnotic Suggestions

    6. Your Mastery of Persuasion

    1. Core Confidence

    1. Bulletproof

    1. Body Language

    1. Circle of Excellence

    1. Boardroom of Your Life

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