Hypnotherapy, hypnosis, hypnotism, mindfulness, meditation and trance states are a self help process that allows you to overcome difficult life issues. Everyone is affected differently. Your results will vary.

Hypnosis is very safe and easy to learn and to experience. Your use of the programs on this site is at your own discretion. By purchasing and using any of Wendi's programs you are agreeing to hold no liability to Wendi Friesen, Wendi.com LLC or any contributors to this site and the content provided.

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However, you may experience many miraculous effects, including better health, ending habits, resolving deep issues, releasing the emotional causes of illnesses and disease.
Addictions- The Addiction Freedom program is not treatment, it is a relapse prevention program. If you are addicted to Alcohol, Opiates, Benzos, or any other drug that you have become dependent on, you need to talk to your doctor about withdrawing from drugs or alcohol. Any information given in the Addiction Freedom program for withdrawing is for informational purposes and not a substitution for medical assistance.

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