Are you ready?

There is a better, more powerful and lifesaving way to end your addiction.

  • More than just quitting. You build strength and certainty.

    Research supports the brain’s ability to change by creating new neural pathways, responses and rewiring the old patterns that caused relapse. Hypnosis and NLP creates permanent changes with the training sessions. We are achieving amazing success for those who struggle with addictions. Ready to quit for good? Experience the power of Hypnotherapy and live a life you love. Shatter your old beliefs, and create a positive and powerful mind. Stop holding onto old beliefs that created struggle and fear. You will create an entirely new perspective. Your values are realigned with the person you are becoming.

  • No Steps, No Disease, Never Powerless

    Wendi Friesen presents a new path in the treatment of addiction.
 I believe that the success rate for addicts can be increased substantially. Cravings will stop for good and the fear of relapse is a thing of the past.
Thousands of ex-addicts have become free from addiction and created a massive and permanent belief that they are strong, healthy and in control. I have created an evidence based method that works fast and feels fantastic. 
 Addiction Freedom is a great choice for those that want a better, proven alternative that creates power. You can find your absolute belief that you can lead a healthy life without fear, doubt, or struggle.

No Steps, No Meetings.

Feel Your Commitment and Belief

  • End The Struggle

    This is a powerful program that uses Hypnotherapy to free you from the fear of relapse, create a life they love and stop the cravings and triggers. For over a decade, Addiction Freedom has helped people who have failed repeatedly.

  • Stop The Triggers and Cravings

    The brain of an addict must have a massive change in their beliefs, values and triggers. Training the brain is completely ignored in most 12 step/AA drug and alcohol rehab centers, and as a result their success rate is only 5-7%.

  • Create Permanent Change

    Based on what we now know about how the brain works you can experience confidence, strength and freedom. The subconscious modification techniques will work to empower you at the subconscious level. Most participants experience a profound change after the VERY FIRST SESSION.

Course curriculum

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
    Day 1- Your Brain Health
  • 4
    Day 1- The Big Decision
    • How much do you want this? Let's find out.
    • The Fork In The Road- Split Timeline Session
    • Blissful Deep Sleep
    • Wake Up Happy- Infusion Words
    • Fork in the Road - While you were on the path to the left, what scared you the most? On the path to the right, what made you most excited about living a great life?
    • How ready are you?
  • 5
    Day 2- Future Timeline
  • 6
    Day 3- Beliefs- Past Time Line, Swish
    • Addiction Freedom Day 3
    • Day 3- Your Past Timeline, and the Swish
    • Past Timeline Alcohol
    • Past Timeline Drugs
    • Swish Intro- How to Use This Session
    • The SWISH session
    • Sleep- Sacred Serenity
    • Wake Up Happy- Gratitude
    • questions- swish
  • 7
    Day 4- Identity, Addiction Zapper
    • Addiction Freedom Day 4
    • Your Identity- Who are you now?
    • Meet Your Future Self- Session
    • Addiction Zapper Intro
    • Addiction Zapper Drug
    • Addiction Zapper Alcohol
    • Sleep Confidence
    • Wake Up Happy- Conscious Creation
    • question new beliefs
  • 8
    Day 5- Self Sabotage and the real reason you fail.
    • Self Sabotage- Find out why you fail
    • Addiction Freedom Workbook Day 5
    • Parts Therapy Alcohol
    • Parts Therapy Drug
    • Sleep Patience
    • Wake Up Happy - Energized and Alert
    • question new values
  • 9
    Day 6- Thoughts are Things! And your Integrity
    • Thoughts are Things! And Find Your Integrity
    • Addiction Freedom Workbook Day 6
    • Self Talk Intro
    • Self Talk- What to Say When You Talk To Yourself
    • Integrity
    • Sleep Dream Programming
    • Wake up Happy - Worthy of Wealth
    • What was one of the negative things that you were saying to yourself repeatedly? What did you change it to? How does that feel now?
    • Integrity- Honesty and trusting yourself
  • 10
    Day 7- Find Your Truth
    • Day 7- Find Your Truth
    • Addiction Freedom Workbook Day 7
    • Find Your Truth
    • Infusion Love Whisper
    • Wake Up Happy Gratitude
    • What will be the biggest challenge in being truthful in your life? What will be the biggest reward?
  • 11
    Day 8- Release the Past and Resolution
    • Your Past is a Thing of the Past
    • Addiction Freedom Workbook Day 8
    • Release The Past
    • Resolution Activator
    • Intention Health
    • Intention Power
    • What events or memories did you release, or bring understanding to? Can you Let It Go?
  • 12
    Day 9- Triggers! Blow 'em up, clear 'em out!
    • Day 9- Changing the triggers
    • Addiction Freedom Workbook
    • Release Negative Anchors
    • Clear Plastic Bag
    • All You Need Is Love - Health
    • How did that Clear Plastic Bag session go?
    • The Triggers That Cause Relapse
  • 13
    Day 10- Kindness. Patience. Compassion
    • Creating Kindness and Patience
    • Karma Of Kindness
    • Sleep Patience
    • Wake up Happy - Conscious Creation
    • Question- kindness
  • 14
    Day 11- The Wisdom You Seek, Today You Find
    • The Temple of Wisdom
    • Temple of Wisdom
    • Sleep Dream Programming
    • Wake up Happy - Conscious Creation
    • question describe temple
  • 15
    Day 12- The Bliss has Arrived!
    • Let's Meditate!
    • Meditation Book
    • Blissology Meditation
    • Empty Your Mind
    • Look Deeper
    • Lighten Up
    • Question on meditation
  • 16
    Day 13- Sweet Surrender
    • Sweet Surrender
    • Breath, Relax, Experience
    • Transform
    • Heal
    • Bliss Blast
    • questions- changes
  • 17
    Day 14- Forgiveness- the Ultimate Gift
    • Forgive, Let Go, Love Yourself
    • Open Heart Forgivness
    • I Am Love
    • Infusion Love (Whisper)
    • Infusion, Love Yourself (lively)
    • Question- biggest change

How will you feel when you realize you are no longer an addict?

Start today, stop the struggle. I am here for you... Wendi


Feel the transformation as you release fear and doubt, and operate from a totally new identity.

  • POWERFUL- NOT POWERLESS. Meet your powerful self that emerges after addiction. Discover the aspects of yourself that are unique and and strong. Start living and loving your new extraordinary life.

  • TRIGGERS. Strengthen your new core values. A powerful, positive trigger is easily created. Your new power will drive you to the right decision in every moment.

  • INVENT YOUR FUTURE. Experience your future self to become that person now. This will create and reinforce that you are a strong, healthy and amazing person living a life you love

  • YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS HOLDS THE KEY. Rewiring the brain’s neural pathways is proven to permanently affect your behavior and stop the cravings caused by emotional and mental triggers. The most exciting part of this therapy is the immediate freedom and change that you will experience.

  • FIND YOUR LIFE FORCE. You will experience this hypnotic bliss that activates every cell in your body with the commitment to a healthy life. You will feel your new power every day.