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Podcasts with Wendi. Ideas, training, hypnosis sessions, weird things I like to talk about and some pretty good times. Have a question, need, topic or idea? Let me know, I will answer in a podcast. LOVE you all!

Wendi Friesen

Addiction Freedom

Experience something that works, that ends your struggle and puts YOU in control, feeling great! Never Relapse Again! For Drug or Alcohol addiction. A science based method- using Mindfulness, Hypnosis and Meditation.

Wendi Friesen

Remote Influence

Learn Remote Influence and Remote Seduction. Using hypnosis you will connect with the ability to affect and influence a situation. Your connection with this power will change the way you experience your world.

Wendi Friesen

Body Mastery- Healing

A unique and powerful way to learn about healing your body with hypnosis. Communication with your cells, finding secondary gain and programming your body for deep healing state. 8 Video and Audio sessions.

Wendi Friesen

Self Hypnosis - The Power Within

15 Video Lessons, 12 Hypnosis Audio sessions. You will learn hypnosis techniques to use on yourself and your clients. Experience the life changing power of Self Hypnosis and how it can affect ever part of your life. $140 value!

Wendi Friesen

Self Hypnosis Mastery

Learn Self Hypnosis, and be unstoppable! 3 parts to take you deeper, embed suggestions and make it real. FREE GIFT included- 'I LOVE ME' hypnosis will change you big time!